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Chris Hemsworth Snow White Huntsman Interview (Video)

Video: Chris Hemsworth on Fighting Kristen Stewart and Showing Skin For SWATH

Chris Hemsworth stars in the upcoming classic fairy tale reboot, Snow White and the Huntsman, alongside Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron. We sat down with the actor during a recent press day for the film outside of London, where he opened up about showing "half a chest" in an almost shirtless scene. Chris also shared details from the set, including a mishap while filming a fight scene with Kristen. Check out our interview with Chris and make sure to see SWATH when it hits theaters on June 1.

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it was a big punch. Yeah. She tried to sort of convince me she had never punched anyone before. I said, "It's far too accurate and powerful for me to believe that." It was an intimidating set to walk on to, and then she's into the character of the Queen, that's even worse. So I saw the movie last night. It's spectacular to watch. Was there any part of it that surprised you when you saw it? What always surprises me about the films is when the individual effects get put in, which you know don't exist when you're pretending. There are a lot of them. Yeah, but also what I loved about it, was the amount of locations. When we did it, we were kind of, you know, you were right to think about them. So, there's location, and the rain and the running and the mountaintop, then the castle, they're all real places not green screened, and seeing it come together its just sort of blown away by the sort of epic scope of the whole thing. It is quite an epic. Yeah. And you get to see some epical creatures too. Yeah. Did you have a favorite one? creatures. I mean at last it wasn't a little creature, it was a big creature, the troll was pretty impressive. Yeah. They had a sort of rough copy of what they were gonna, what it was going to look like on paper, I just had a printout. So, this is what you're fighting. And when seeing it on screen kind of blew me away. It was just awesome. In this movie you are one of the elements, but you get to stay pretty clothed. You only take your shirt off once, and who's counting? Well, it's not so much. Were you happy to be like, "Ah, finally, I can." There was a big thing about that because it wasn't off, it was kind of lifted up because he has been stabbed and you have to repair the wound. And I just was like, "Oh geez. I'm coming forward." It was like that became that's sort of like one of the talking points I've ever seen talking about. And so no, there's not much skin in there. No. There's half a jest isn't there. The women of the world are gonna be very sad to hear that. You got to film some intense scenes with Charlize. Yeah. She scared me when she was doing it; did she scare you at all? Absolutely. And my schedule leading into that was supposed to be pretty, but when I started pretty minimal, I had minimal scenes, and then they called me the day before we started shooting and said, "Look we've changed the schedule and the first scene is going to be you and Charlize in the chamber room." And I thought, "Geez, I haven't even met her, we haven't rehearsed, I don't even know the lines." It was an intimidating set to walk on to and she's you know in the character of the queen that was even worse, but you know trying to hide that terror is kinda what the character was doing, so I think it worked. And your character is introduced is as sort of this rough and tumble kind of guy but you have a soft side as well. Yeah. Were you surprised at the romance at all? Yup. Yeah, I like the contrast. I think any chance you get to sort of surprise an audience, or even on the page that surprise you is a big plus. And I liked kind of, here was this open wound and tortured through the song. He didn't really know about his past and you find out bits of it. And I just like the mix, and the arc the character could go on. And what do you think makes Kristen like a snow White people are drawn to. I think the thing about that character is she has an incredibly strong sense of sort of right and wrong and justice, and Kristen has that. She has an opinion, she's not one to sit on the fence with things. And even on set, her attitude with the character was, no, this is who she is. And I was like wow. There's nothing worse than someone sort of going you know I don't know maybe it's this or this, and so I think her and the character both have great passionate commitment. I know you talk a lot about when Kristen punched her in the face. I was on set and she seemed to feel pretty bad about it. Yeah. Is she? Yeah. I've heard her laughing in interviews. I've seen it. It was a big punch. Yeah. She tried to sort of convince me she had never punched anyone before. I said, "It's far too accurate and powerful for me to believe that." Did you get back at her at all? No. No, no. It was fine. I just sat there and sulked in the corner. And now that you are very soon a parent-to-be, are there any stories you're afraid to share with your little one? and with Kristen Stewart. you know. I mean I loved these stories as kids with me and my brothers, but I don't know it was all these types of stories, I don't know it was Snow White and fairytales that we'd read, but you know Lord of the Rings, I mean The Hobbit was a big sort of you know part of our childhood and what I loved about the script is very much in that world. Has your wife gotten to see this movie yet? A very rough version of it, early before the special first screening, and loved it.

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