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Christina Applegate Talks FabKids and Anchorman 2 | Video

Christina Applegate Talks Up All Night's Switcheroo, FabKids, and Anchorman 2

Christina Applegate recently announced her creative partnership with, and we were invited to sit down with her to get a sneak peek at the collection and also talked Anchorman 2 and Up All Night's upcoming sophomore season. Christina also shared some great parenting tips, who she'd like to work with on the small screen, and more! Check out the video to see more of our conversation, and be sure to visit to get the full scoop on its newly launched online subscription service.

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Mya usually has got some, she has the more outrageous improvs and Will's are a little bit more like closer to the ground and hers are a little bit more outrageous. So the two of them in the scene together. Forget about it. I go to lunch. I just let them play. We're on location today at a FabKids photoshoot, and I'm here with Christina Applegate. So, Christina, I know you have a new business venture happening, so tell us how you got involved with Well, FabKids approached me a couple of months ago, probably because I'm a mom. And I think they might have known that my child's a fashionista. And they approached me with this idea and they told me about the concept. We had this meeting and they laid everything out. It was so beautifully constructed, everything about it. And such a concept that I had I've never seen before. And also something that I think little girls would just be incredibly excited to do every month so there was no question in my mind that I wanted to be a part of it. So what's some great tricks or parenting advice your friends or family have given you? Oh, golly jeez. 'Cause everything's kind of a surprise when you're a new mom I assume. Yeah. Was there anything that they prepared you for? No, they did lot of lying. That's what I remember, there was a lot of lying. I think it's really hard to give advice unless it's prompted advice. you know, just offering advice is usually not the best thing. The best thing is really to kind of figure it out on your own, and every child is individual and different One thing that I watched with my friends, and it wasn't advice, but I really watched one of my best girlfriends with her kids and she never spoke to them like a little baby. She never talked like never did that and as a result. Her kids are really well spoken and have been communicating with her ever since they were tiny and that's what we do with Sadie. There's a lot of like we talk. We don't, you know, talk baby talk to her. Talk to her like she's an adult, yeah. She's one of you guys. So then maybe you could fill in the blank for some of these for me then. So you know you're a mom when When you fall asleep sitting on a stage of a Shakespeare reading that you're doing in front of 2000 people. That happened. Well just a minute, I fell asleep. That was my mom moment. I was on stage with some of the best actors of the world, and I'm sitting on my stool, and I just kind of went like Which kind of goes back to the title of your show, Up All Night. I assume there was some sleepiness nights. That was a long time ago. Now she sleeps with a Great. So why didn't anyone tell me blank about motherhood? How awesome it would be. You can't explain it you can't tell somebody else like this is gonna be the best that ever happened to you because those words are empty compared to what it actually feels like. There's really no There's no way to share. There's nothing like it. So, then my last fill in the blank. I want blank for Sadie. Just joy for Sadie. I always want her to be happy in her life. Totally. So then we're gonna talk a little bit about. I want her to be healthy and happy. Healthy and happy. I think that's an opening line. Yeah. Even more unhappy than me. That was the selfish one. It's like I want her to be healthy for all of us. But I want her to be happy. There. So we love the brutal honesty on Up All Night. So do any of the story plots or story lines come from your real life or Maya's or Will's? Through last season. There were a lot of story lines that came from all of us. But the one that had that was filled to max with my personal experience, was the birth episode. So, that one was filled to the max with things that actually happened with David's form. Do you talk to the writers before hand and say you need to Yeah. We had a conversation, and the way it was written was lovely and they did a good job. And I just said, let's throw some of these other things in there. I think it's gonna add you know, some chaos for Reagan and it did. So I know you guys do a lot of improv on set. So who makes you laugh the most? Is it well are you cracking up? This was very very funny, so it's really hard to compare the two. They're both very good at improve as well. So my idea She has more outrageous improbs and Will's are a little bit more closer to the ground. And hers are a little bit more outrageous and it is a really good balance. two of them in a scene together. I go to lunch. I just let them play. So, Sean Hayes was a guest start this season. I just heard that myself like two days ago. So yeah. That's very exciting. Yes, I know. Very exciting. So is there anybody else you'd love to get on this season or in future seasons that you must work with? Gosh, there's so many people you know, I'd love for Blithe to come back just because I really just like hanging out with Blithe. Plus she's a divine actress. Yeah. I think Kristen Wigg is really brilliant. And Melissa McCarthy. I wanted Melissa McCarthy in an episode last year, and she was unable to do it. She's so busy sending Oscar nominations. Gosh. So, gladly, I was like, of course, I mean you got to go do your thing. And to be able to work with her again would be a dream come true. So, female driven comedies and female driven comedy movies are really hot right now. Oh, my god. Do you have any your peers that you just love watching and that you get a laugh out of every time? I just named it. Yeah. So, Melissa makes me laugh harder than anybody I've ever know in my life. I spent two years with her on Samantha Who, and every single day that I got to be with her, we were rolling on the floor laughing because she's brilliant and funny and gross and awesome and amazing. So I think she is the finest one we've got out there. So, you're returning to your role as Veronica, and too. I know, yeah. Can you tell us anything about it? It's kind of a huge secret. You know what? I know nothing. I know nothing except for that I will be there. I don't know if I'm in one scene, sixth scene, tenth scene, I don't know what the story lines are. I know nothing because Adam and Will are just spending this whole rest of the year writing. So I don't even ask them. I'm just Do they just call you and say, "Hey we're gonna do it. Are you on?" I don't even know if they're using their phones right now. They're so deep in it. So I'm not bothering right now. I'm letting them do their thing. So our last question. So up all night the season, there's gonna be kind of a shift on what's going on with your role. Huge shift, yes. So tell us a little about what's going on with Reagan. I'm gonna be a stay-at-home mom. Yeah. Crazy. So Will's going back to work then? He's going back to work and Reagan is a stay-at-home mom. So it's kind of, I remember last year when people asked me like it's a show about a working mom trying to balance. Now it's just a stay-at-home mom. They lied. Now they're changing it. They're challenging me at home with a baby, I guess. The comedy will ensue, I'm sure for me. Because I'll be home all the time. Yeah, that's the thing, we were talking about it. Annoying the crap out of Chris Brinkley.

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