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Christina Milian Interview on The Voice & The Dream [Video]

Video: Christina Milian on X-Tina, Adam, Cee-Lo, and Joining the Voice

Christina Milian is the newest addition to The Voice in season two, taking over as the social media correspondent when the hit show returns right after the Super Bowl on Feb. 5. We sat down with Christina to chat about joining the show, the big surprises — and exciting names! — to expect when The Voice is back as well as what it was like to become a part of the team. Christina shared about the big personalities of Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, and Cee-Lo Green. Plus, she says she might be raising her own musical little one in her daughter. Christina has more of her own music coming our way soon, but before then, see her on The Voice Feb. 5.

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Filo is the flirt of the group. He's always, he's committed to that, I'll give him that. So, it's a really baby friendly flirt. Hi, I'm Molly with Pop Sugar, and we are here talking to Christina Milian about The Voice. So, tell us a little bit about how you got involved with the show this season. The season one was like this amazing concept, this great show. Season two, I think they were committed to making it even better and you know the value of the show is just getting better in engaging more of their fans. People just want more content. And so, me being a singer, a recording artist and then you know, it's a show that it's about music, it just makes a lot of sense. So, I've been heavily involved with Twitter,, we've been blogging, it's a little early now, so a lot of fun. So, what exactly will you be doing on the show "Return?" I'll be doing all the exclusive interviews with the artists that are on the show, with the coaches and talking to them about what's going on as well as just a little bit more about themselves, and just about the music industry and why they are here today. But you said the four judges are such huge personalities. Yes. So who, like, is cracking you up? Who's like, talk a little bit about them. Well, like I said, they all have a very individual great big personality. I mean, Cee-Lo is the flirt of the group. He's always, he's committed to that. I will give him that. The same thing with Blake, I think Blake is, he's just a really funny guy. He's always very nurturing and really, really sweet. I mean, the first day I got to the set, he was first one to come over, say hi, introduce himself. He checked on me at lunch, asked me if I was doing okay. First guy to give me my first drink on the set. It's a very important role. It is. And that's how we all get to know each other. Exactly. And then the same thing with Adam. Adam's been a sweetheart. I brought my daughter to the set, and he's played basketball with her on the set for like, thirty minutes, just gave pure attention to my daughter. So that alone, I'm like, okay you're really hot already, and really talented, but I don't need that, you won me over just on that. And, you said that you daughter came on set, does she like to watch the show. Well my daughter is about to be two and she loves music So I'm going to bring her, especially when we do the live show, I want to bring her by so that she can come and dance and Shanine. Actually she been at the, she's actually hang at with Christina's dau-, I mean Christina's son as well with Jackson person son, so its a really baby friendly set. And you raising another little singer. It seems like it is. It seems like that's the case. I mean it wasn't my intent at all. But my daughter, I mean she was born from two singers and people that came from music industries so I think it's only natural. What do you think sort of sets The Voice apart from other talent shows out there? It really is based on pure talent, it's not about the image first, you know well you get to the part where it's like about everything. That's typical of the music industry and what the fans want, but I think It's all about pure talent and you had these amazing fingers that are the coaches, and they're really mentoring and advising along the way giving the way beyond users there is some other real amazing new names coming into next season so already she, what I already could be doing ? Ok as well advisers,we have eight amazing advisers, two per coach We have Lionel Ritchie, Neo, Robin Thicke,[sp?] Alanis Morrisett,[sp?] Jewel, you know all these people, Kelly Clarkson. Oh yeah, Kelly Clarkson. Like two people have been through the same process that these artists are going through. So they're there to actually just really help these Artists make their way through and help and help them to win so I think these coaches really thought it through and they brought some really great people to help these people out. Do you have any favorite performance from last season? I'd say the coach Performing arts some, but my favorite performance of last season. Are you going to be able to perform at all? We'll see, I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I'm working on the music now. And so, we'll see maybe the next season Are you working on your music now. Yeah I'm working on my new music right now and I'm actually negotiating a really great new See also I'm excited about it. It's a great it's a good combination. I'm on The Voice now, my music career. It's such a blessing.

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