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Colin Farrell Total Recall Interview (Video)

Colin Farrell on Why He "Was Hating" His Total Recall Kiss With Kate Beckinsale

In Total Recall, Colin Farrell plays a character torn between two identities as well as two love interests, played by Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel. We caught Colin at a recent press day for the movie, a reimagined take on the '90s action classic, to talk about why the film's love scenes were uniquely awkward for Colin and his director. Colin also told us about an unexpected method he used to get into character before shooting. Total Recall lands in theaters this Friday.

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So I was making out with her now, no tongues. It's tricky to be human. Where do you fit in and who likes you? So, your character in this movie is being constantly told who he is by other people but trying to stay true to himself. Yeah. And I kind of thought as an actor with a public persona, that has to feel similar sometimes. I think as a human being, it feels similar. Yeah. Like in a heightened sense, of course, as an actor being seen through the prism of public observance, and maybe more so. But I think as a human being it's really hard. It's tricky to be human. It is. I think it's tricky to be a human if you're deemed to be a fortunate human being, you know, if you come from a healthy, happy family, you guys get a good education and all that kind of stuff. So I'm not talking about the level of poverty and sickness that you see in places of the world that's really upsetting and must be terribly hard. But I just being Human is tricky; trying to find out your place in this whole thing and are you worth anything. And where do you fit in and who do you like and who likes you. I mean, I remember having to pick out a bed for my house six years ago. And I had such an existential crisis. I couldn't figure out if I was a cast iron guy or a wooden bed guy. Right, important life decisions. Holy shit. And that is so - I mean, in the grand scheme of things, it's all irrelevant but it's not the bed that's the important thing. It's the question that asks of the self and the idea of identity. So it's really. So yeah, all those things that you just brought up and inspired a long-winded answer in me are kind of inherent in the story or what it's like really. Yeah. Yeah it does a raise lot of big questions, but it also got a lot of really amazing actions. Loads of action. I mean that's the predominant theme in the film. Yeah. If you could call action a theme, was action. And there was just enough of the other stuff in there that I knew that just in reading it would keep me interested for six months but the action was there yet so I figured out. Yes. And a lot of it with Kate. I know you said you were a little uncomfortable making out with her in front of Len who's selecting As long as making out with her now, I would have been so. I mean it really was there was no tones. Right. Did he critique your form at all? No. No. He didn't. No, I would hate to have been him. Yeah, that would be tough right. I was hating being me. I mean, he had it worse. I had it second worse. And Kate being the apex of the triangle was in kind of position of power, and I'm not saying she got anything off on it or anything. Right. That would be an assumption I wouldn't be willing to make. Of course. I heard, that to get into his head, you actually spent the night on set in his apartment. I did one like this because we were doing camera tests in Quade's apartment and Lory's apartment about a week before we starting shooting, you know, getting into costumes, wardrobe and all that. And Paul Cameron, the DP, was messing with lighting just to see do the last test, and so I looked around and the apartment was really beautiful and they'd done an amazing job decorating it and all. And I thought, I mean, you're plucking at straws at that stage. Right. You know you're really trying to amass as much experience in memory, and study, and muscle memory or whatever it might be. Imagination and harness it to start work that I just thought, yeah, I'll just stay here a night. So he grabbed some green tea and a few books and some incense and some candles and my iPod and put the Bladerunner soundtrack on loop. Wow. And just really old apartment in a massive big studio. And I was kind of in there on my own for 12 hours, so it was nice. I don't know if I. I mean I woke up in the bed I went that I woke up in the film in so went into it, kinda not much aware as I

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