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Comic-Con Day 2 Highlights (Video)

Video: Best of Comic-Con Day 2 — Matt Damon's Dirty Role, JGL Becomes Bruce, More!

Comic-Con is still in full effect down in San Diego, and BuzzSugar editors Becky Kirsch and Shannon Vestal are bringing you the biggest highlights as they recap day two. Matt Damon told a funny anecdote about a very unglamorous day on the Elysium set, while Looper's Joseph Gordon-Levitt got a little giddy over Bruce Willis, and Bryan Cranston shared the one thing that got him prepped for his role in Total Recall: beer! We have the full rundown in this episode of The Buzz, and don't forget to check out our Thursday Comic-Con highlights in case you missed it.

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In this episode the Buzz, we'll be sharing our favorite moments of the day, including Matt Damon' dirty new role, and Bryan Cranston's unorthodox training method. Hi, I'm Becky Kirsch. I'm Shannon Vestal. We're coming to you from Comic-Con, and bringing you our Friday highlights. I got to see one of my favorite actors. I Comic-Con today, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He was there for a looper where he played a young version of Bruce Willis's character. And he talks about how he got into the Bruce mind set, and in the footage that we saw, he sounds just like Bruce Willis. So, you and me in 30 years. Your face looks backwards. He told us how he would listen since you've lifts Bruce's voice from his movies on his iPod, to kind of get that voice down. And he also wore some prosthetics, which I know he talked about in the press conference. Yeah, I mean, in the press conference it's clear that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is always "goes big or goes home" in all his roles, but he was really into this character. And someone asked him, well, how Bruce Willis reacted the first time he saw him, kind of like, done up as And JGL was really cute about it,. He said that it was a great moment for him because Bruce Willis is hard to rattle, but he had a big reaction and was kind of shocked to see him. And then he said the icing on the cake was when Bruce pulled him aside and said, you know, "Hey, you sound like me." And JGL was kind of like, "Yeah, you know, damn right I sound like him." But he said that he contained that inside and that, you know, he held it together but he was pretty excited. That was exciting to me, because I mean, you know, he's done a lot of movies, he's done a lot of great movies. Another actor that I love and I got to see today at Comic-Con is Matt Damon it's his first time ever being at the convention. He was here for Elysium, this SciFi, futuristic film from the director of District Nine. We got to see the first ever footage from the movie, so I felt very lucky. And we go to see a little bit of Matt Damon's character. And the setting of the movie is very, it's futuristic, they told us that they had filmed in Mexico City is dumb. And Matt Damon actually told us, yeah, he told us a really gross but funny story where he said he and at the end of the day, would look at themselves covered in black dust and be like, "This is fecal matter." But then they said the director Neil Blomkamp would run over and be like, "But the photography looks great!" I mean, hopefully it will pay off for the finished product here because otherwise, they're just covered in crap. Yeah. Speaking of first timer's at Comic-Con, Breaking Bad had their first ever panel which I was so excited about because I'm a huge Breaking Bad fan, and Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul went all out and they even came out in Walt and Jesse's iconic jumpsuits. Love that. From the show, their meth lab. And as a final touch they had this kind of blue candy that looks suspiciously like the meth that Jessie and Walt sold on the show. It's hopefully not meth. Did you get any of that candy? I didn't because I was sitting far behind but the cast thought it was very tasty. Well, Bryan Cranston is actually doing double duty at Comic-Con today, because he was on the Total Recall panel, which I saw. He's not the biggest character in Total Recall. But he got the biggest cheers, the biggest screams, everyone was so excited to see them there. And he also had like the best clips. At one point everyone is talking about Total Recall as this action movie Colin Farrell, Jessica Biel were talking about how much they trained and the physicality of it, and when it came back to Bryan Cranston he admitted that all his training heated. He admitted that all his training was at the bar. I was training at night in the bar. Len and I would drink a lot. He does the bar method. Right, exactly. Beer, beer workouts. Alright. Well we still have one day left at Comic-Con. So be sure to keep checking back for more updates. Until then I'm Becky Kirsch. I'm Shannon Vestal. Thanks for watching The Buzz at Comic-Con.

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