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Community Wins Comedy Series Critics Choice (Video)

The Community Cast Celebrates a Best Comedy Series Win at Critics' Choice

The cast of Community were in high spirits after winning the best comedy prize at last night's Critics' Choice TV Awards. Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Danny Pudi, and Alison Brie admitted that they're surprised by the series' success. Find out what the over-the-moon group had to say, and make sure to check out all of our Critics Choice Television Awards coverage.

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This is exciting. I can't believe we're on PopSugar. It's interesting that I'm here. I'm sorry. We're all really excited. Yeah, thank you. Does this kind of feel like vindication after such a crazy year? It's just a sweet moment that we're all gonna relish and to just win. Yeah. We've never won anything. Anything. Line dancing. Here's the thing. We lose and win together. Some of the members at love us. We're number one on blogs and the Internet world so yeah. Yeah. It feels really good. Yeah. Yeah. Well, people have responded so well to the show. And, you know, I always ask people if they kind of had an inkling of how successful successful the show would be when they signed on and they always say no 'cause they're trying to be humble. But did you kind of have an idea that this was something really special? Yeah, we were tipped beforehand. The show, you know, being on the show. It was a very special and unique show. Yes. We knew it was different and weird and crazy, but I don't think we ever knew what was gonna happen I also think reading the script you thought it was great. And then watching these people say the words out loud shooting the pilot, that's when I think I had the first idea that this could be a really great show. When we did the parody of My Dinner with Andre, I thought, oh, man, how are we going to top all the other shows that have done a My Dinner with Andre parody. But somehow you did it. Somehow we did it. Well, congratulations. We still don't know how. It's all in the Twitter. But really, I mean, the critics, who obviously can be brutal and brutally honest. For them to recognize the show the way they have. Yeah, it's pretty awesome. And they've really been on board with us for a while. They're actually watching the episodes. They get our show. It's not a show that exists in the comfort zones of the masses. Right. So these people whose opinions we really respect, it's very nice to be recognized by them. Yeah. Well, congratulations, you guys. Thank you. Thank you very much for the opportunity. Thanks so much.

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