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Condensed Sugar: Hugh-ge Fun!

WooHoo! Weekend! This week we had our first ever Caption It, Sugar contest around here and we got tons of awesome responses. It was so much fun to read what you guys came up with (and really really hard to choose a winner). Hope you all had as much fun as we did. The winning caption for the below pic (click on it for the uncensored version) goes to reeses! His was only the 4th entry, but he came up with two stellar responses: "About a Butt" and "Two Cheeks Later." Enjoy your PopSugar swag!

Other honorable mentions are jrosenberg02 for "Hello, my name is Hugh. Hugh Jass," Spun Sugar for "Hugh: I hate being chased by the papar-ass-i" and hkd for "You guys are so crass. That's obviously a production still from Hugh's new project, Brokeback London..." So fun! Here's what else went down this week:

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