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Courteney Cox Zooms

Courteney Cox and Tim Allen Zoom into theaters this weekend with a family fun comedy. We think it's great that Courteney is doing a variety of projects. This is one woman you won't see in the same romantic comedy over and over again. In this movie she plays a nerdy scientist, earlier this summer she was a voice in that animated movie Barnyard and soon she will return to the small screen as a tabloid journalist in a show called Dirt. We can't wait for that one. Here's what Courteney had to say about it,

"I'm actually about to go back to television and do a dramatic series for FX called 'Dirt' which is great. I love it. It's great," she crowed. "I play an editor of a tabloid. It's really kind of a dark, salacious, sexy soap opera. Ian Hart plays my paparazzi. It's a really fantastic series. We were just producing it and then I read the script when it finally came in and I just said, 'I have to do this!'"

It sounds like she will be perfect for the role!

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