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Courteney Dishes on Dirt

We've been talking about Courteney's new series Dirt for a while now. As you know, she plays a tabloid editor who will do whatever it takes to get a story. The show is supposed to be really racy, and a far cry from Courteney's uptight character Monica on Friends. What's funny is, Courteney had no interest in going back to television but she just couldn't resist this role. Here's more:

  • “She said, ‘I’m not going to give this part to anyone else; I can’t imagine anyone else playing it but me,’ ” Mr. Landgraf said.

    Had she started out intending to star in a new show, Ms. Cox said, “it probably would have been easier for me to get a show made on network TV, and I would have made more money.” But, she said, “The reason I wanted to do this on FX was because of the freedom it allows.” And as an exercise in acting, she added, “this is much more of a challenge.”

  • Ms. Cox describes [her character] Lucy as “someone who you felt for but also who you loved to hate.” Her overriding characteristic, she added, “is that she always tells the truth, no matter what. What she might do to get the truth may not be great in a lot of people’s eyes, but she won’t print it unless it’s the truth.”
  • Even so, Ms. Cox said the show was not intended as a kind of retribution aimed at celebrity photographers and magazines. “I’m not trying to get back at anybody,” she said. “This is a television drama; we are here to entertain. And in fact, the paparazzo that we have on the show, Don Konkey, you have a real sympathy for him.”

Well, it's good to know it's not going to get too dirty but being on FX we know it's going to be more edgy then regular network TV. The show premieres on January 2nd and we think it's going to be a great way to kick off the new year! For more awesome Dirt promo pics of Courteney just




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