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David Beckham Surprises Fans in Photo Booth (Video)

Video: Watch David Beckham Surprise Crying Fans in a Photo Booth!

Crying fans, screaming girls, and utter shock — only one man could cause this kind of reaction: David Beckham. David hid in an Adidas photo booth across the street from Olympic Park in London, where he pulled a fast one on people who stopped inside, causing one little boy in particular to be moved to tears. Check out the sweet footage and get the latest on David's involvement in the opening ceremony for the games in PopSugar Rush!

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Oh, my God! Watch as David Beckham surprises fans in a photo booth. Hey, there. I'm Lauren Bradshaw. See for yourself as David Beckham brings some unsuspecting shoppers to tears and get the latest on Victoria in today's PopSugar Rush. Crying fans, screaming girls and other shock. Only one man could cause this kind of reaction, David Beckham. The soccer star hid in an Adidas photo booth across the street from Olympic Park in London, where he pulled a fast one on people who stopped causing one little boy in particular to be moved to tears. Should we do some pictures? TresSugar editor, Annie Scudder is joining me now for more on David's unexpected visit. Hey, Annie. Hi. So this was such a sweet moment with fans. What did you think of the footage? I loved it. It made me want to hop on a plane to London for the Olympics just for a chance see David Bekcham. Right. And speaking of the Olympics, this is all of course part of promoting the Olympics. And David took part even though he's not going to be playing in this year's game. Right. So he's not competing this year but he's been hugely involved in the Olympics. From the very beginning, he was a big supporter of having the games in London and it's part of the reason why it's gonna be there. Right, he actually announced today that he's going to be taking part in the opening ceremony this Friday. Any clues as to what kind of role he might play? Not yet, he's keeping it a secret. But we do know what he won't be doing, he said he's not going to be lighting the cauldron, because he thinks an Olympian should do that. Right. Well, and another way we know he's going to be involved, he spoke to iTV about the Olympics recently and said that he's looking forward to enjoying it with his family. Yeah. With the games being here, you know, I want to take my children and I want them to experience Olympic Games here in London. So, I'll be doing certain things. So it sounds like we'll be seeing David, Victoria, and the kids in the stands Any updates on Victoria and what she's up to right now? Well, she was recently spotted in Paris shopping with her son, Romeo and we can expect to see her back in England for the Olympics. And we do know that she'll be participating in the closing ceremonies with the Spice Girls. Yes, I am very excited about it. Me, too. Great. Thanks so much, Anne for filling us in. No problem. And, we'll be bringing more on the Olympics as we get closer to this year's game. So keep checking back to PopSugar TV. And to check out the full video of David Beckham, just head over to YouTube's channel for Adidas. I'm Lauren Bradshaw and I'll see you next time on PopSugar Rush.

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Sabrina2782617 Sabrina2782617 3 years
I absolutely love him- that was really sweet of him to surprise fans like that! It must have been so exciting to be there :) and....closing ceremony with the SPICE GIRLS?! That sounds heavenly!
popculture-whore popculture-whore 3 years
i love how sweet he is with that little boy!
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