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David Beckham Talking About Matching With Victoria Beckham

Video: David Beckham on Matching Outfits With Victoria — "What Were We Thinking?"

David Beckham and Victoria Beckham have made a habit of wearing matching outfits over the years, but one leather look in particular has David cringing! Hear what he has to say about the fashion faux pas, and check out their history of being a coordinated couple, in PopSugar Rush.

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Hey there, I'm Karli Bulnes. David and Victoria Beckham are one of the most fashionable famous couples, but even they have had their missteps. Hear David talk about his most embarrassing style moments in today's PopSugar Rush! David and Victoria Beckham have always been a very coordinated couple — but David may be his own harshest fashion critic. In a new interview with H&M magazine, the soccer star and underwear model reminisces about some of their fashion misses, saying, "Me and Victoria wore matching black leather outfits once. They were Versace. But that's one when I look back and am like, "What were we thinking?" This is the look David's referring to — head to toe Versace leather worn for a party thrown by the label just weeks before the Beckham wedding in 1999. David continued, "We laugh about that one. I remember that it's really good until you do it as a couple." During their 13 years of marriage, the label-loving David and Victoria have appeared in multiple matching ensembles. There were his and her V-necks and splashes of red in 2001 . . . a sparkly white combination in 2003 that was later immortalized in wax . . . and in 2007, the posh pair modeled matching aviators and sported similar bleach-blond hairdos! David and Victoria even dared to wear matching leather again at a 2008 Lakers game, but they limited the material to just their jackets. Be it a statement making sarong or sweater, David certainly isn't shy about taking risks in the name of fashion, and he isn't letting that self-described embarrassing leather look keep him from coordinating with his wife. David summed up his thoughts on his and Victoria's double dose of fashion faux-pas by saying, "I have no regrets, though — I knew at the time it was good."

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