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David Spade and Heather or Carmen?

From rocker to funny man. That seems to be the theme these days. But is it possible that the funny man is the same guy for Heather Locklear and Carmen Electra? Rumor is David Spade is the go to guy to get over heartbreak. I guess humor is more attractive than the tough guy rocker. Janet Charlton reports:

What Heather doesn't know is that Dave seems to have turned his attention to the newly vulnerable Carmen Electra. Apparently Dave Navarro wasn't that funny. Last week Dave and Carmen were seen having an animated conversation, driving together near the Beverly Center in his black Mercedes. The pocket size romeo was also seen with an unidentified woman fitting Carmen's description, ducking out of one of his favorite hangouts - the Grove movie theater. Last night at the Teen Choice Awards they sat together and "looked absolutely giddy." Need we say more?

Yikes, Heather watch your back. While we think things with David and Heather are solid, you never know in Hollywood. He seems to be one of those lucky guys who gets the hot girl and Carmen has never looked better.

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