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Desperate Britney in OK

Poor Britney. Her stock has fallen so far since the Matt Lauer interview. The sad part is she was shocked to see that people had less respect for her after the interview since she was hoping it would make people be more sympathetic. In a last attempt to prove the POP Princess was still on top she tried to create an exclusive story for the tabloids but apparently there was very little interest. Page Six reports:

BRITNEY Spears was shocked - shocked! - by the reaction to her wretched NBC interview with Matt Lauer (87 percent of people polled in Us Weekly had less respect for Spears after the chat). So she attempted damage control. Spears had a photographer take pretty pictures of her - this time with professional hair, makeup and wardrobe. And despite tearfully begging for privacy, saying she hates media attention, and calling the celebrity weeklies "trash" in the interview, Spears then tried to sell the photos and an "exclusive" interview to those same trashy weeklies for $200,000. There were no takers. OK! finally bought the shots and the interview for a measly $5,000. A rep for the magazine declined comment but did say, "Who doesn't love a discount?" Spears' rep didn't return calls. Meanwhile, Spears' hubby, Kevin Federline, seems to be on a budget. Federline was shopping at Lounge in SoHo on Friday but balked at paying $150 for a T-shirt.

More pics and the article so


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Join The Conversation
Lill-McGill Lill-McGill 8 years
horrendous hair. then again at least she had hair then.
Romai Romai 9 years
She looks odd in that one with the orange dress too. The paps are really starting to leave her alone? Wasn't she just complaining about them? Girl couldn't make up her mind about something if her life depended on it.
Romai Romai 9 years
I'm sorry but I can't find it in me to feel sorry for this girl. She did it all to herself, so why she thinks anybody should feel sorry for her is beyond me. She looks better here, but she always does when she has professionals to cover her in tons of makeup and people to airbrush the heck out of the pics before they're published. They did a number on her face! That belly does look oddly smaller in the second. I know she's positioned differently, but still. I've been pregnant twice and when I was that size (as in the first pic) there would be no way to make it look as small as it does in the second one. It's not like you can suck it in or anything. It's just there.
MEG44 MEG44 9 years
on the interview her fake eyelash was coming up and it annoyed the hell out of me! Did anyone notice in the first pic you can see her nipple! It's like a see through place exactly where her nipple should be!
JennaV JennaV 9 years
I wish she would stop bleaching her hair. It looks very trailer trashy.
luv_my_junk luv_my_junk 9 years
Her bump appears different sizes b/c her legs are positioned differently. When she is standing, you can see her belly better. She looks a million times better than the last time she invited the 'American Public' over. These pics are gorgeous.
OChottie OChottie 9 years
Totally agree about her size in these photos not being realistic. I do think she looks so much better dressed well and retouched. I love, love, love the pink dress. I want it. Those boobs are coming out all over the place in that dress tho. It would look better on me too boobs falling out or not at least I'm not pregnant. She literally disgusts me now.
decipherbird decipherbird 9 years
WTF ! HER BUMP IS ALMOST HALF SIZED IN THE WHITE DRESS!! dunno if nebody else noticed..
JennyJen2 JennyJen2 9 years
I agree - to begin with - if it wasn't for the american public - where would brit be? She would definitely not be in a magazine complaining about it.
mirellarenee mirellarenee 9 years
Why does she continue to blame the "American public" for her downfall (both Dateline and OK Magazine interviews)?
mle983 mle983 9 years
hmm...i felt even more sorry for her after that interview, so she hasn't necessarily lost respect from all of us...we just feel for her and know she hasn't made the best decisions.
MonicaNichole03 MonicaNichole03 9 years
I bought the magazine, sucker I know, and she referred to the babies as boo boos over and over again that made me lose some respect levels. Speak proper english when you are in a magazine trying to get people to look at you in a better light.
luv_my_junk luv_my_junk 9 years
Does anyone know where I can get the peach dress above and the blue dress (and of course, the shoes!) from the other day? I love the blue dress! The peach one is very 'summer'! She looks cute! The way a pregnant mother should look.
radarkitty radarkitty 9 years
Ah ha ha ha! Thanks for the laugh this morning POP! I do really like that first dress though. It's very pretty. It would look better on me.
bluejeanie bluejeanie 9 years
i think brit can make a comeback, she just needs to lay low, give birth, lose weight, make an awesome CD and show us she's still got it. otherwise, we'll just see her on a VH1 special:britney the true story
kidcrazy2 kidcrazy2 9 years
Brit, brit...a small isolated town is calling your name. Pack your bags and go there, lay low, mother your boo-boos, and decide what it is you want to do with your life. If she's surprised that the Matt Lauer interview didn't endear people to her I have two words for her...gum chewing. That was the tackiest thing I'd ever seen. Her stripper-like look, her clown make-up, her bleached hair extensions, and her brain-dead answers also didn't help.
Reeree Reeree 9 years
jleegirl, I definitely see what you're saying. Given all the mistakes she's made lately, calling her babies boo-boo's certainly does seem a tad ironic.
cali4nagirl cali4nagirl 9 years
When I saw boo-boo I automatically thought of yogi bear and boo-boo, that must be my age talking again. I think she looks great in those pics, hell of a lot better than I do at the moment. I would have never known it was her, if they hadn't of said who it was, then I thought the guess who was Nick Lachy, maybe I should go back to bed and get up again, now, there's a thought!
LisaK LisaK 9 years
This whole story is just really sad.
cynnsational cynnsational 9 years
This poor girl is just trying to do the right thing! It's just unfortunate that it always ends up being so wrong!!!!
My-Opinion My-Opinion 9 years
She looks beautiful*
gramercygirl gramercygirl 9 years
Sorry to be mean, but she kinda looks like a pregnant stripper! She does look much better than usual, but I'm not sure that is a compliment after my first comment!
Jinx Jinx 9 years
lol jleegirl, So True
jleegirl jleegirl 9 years
LOL, me too Reeree - I use schmoopsie poo with my kids too! Along with many others. :) Coming from her, Boo-boo just sounds so much like, well, a boo-boo. But it's cute though. I was just pointing out the irony of it. :)
jleegirl jleegirl 9 years
You are right, Jinx, it's most definately a term of affection. But coming from her, I can't help thinking it sounds like an oops...LOL ;-)
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