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Did Vince Find A New Blonde?

Vince is in London and it looks like either Jennifer cut her hair or Vince may be moving on. Jennifer's people said the recent break up rumors were "rubbish" but we never really know what is going on with these two. The tabloids have had them pregnant, engaged, split, and everything else under the sun. Now there's this image of Vince so you know what that means... We really hope Jen and Vince are not over but we have not seen them together in a while. Stay tuned.


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Annie2u59 Annie2u59 9 years
Just went to people mag site and it said Jen is going on the Oprah show and said she and Vince have not split, thought things weren't quite right, not enough stuff plastered every where about it.
yayita yayita 9 years
i hate that these people breakup and move on so easily
Annie2u59 Annie2u59 9 years
it could very easily be jen, its a bad picture and it kinda looks like her hair if she cut it.
what1 what1 9 years
poor Jen
pink_magnetism pink_magnetism 9 years
I don't think that's Jen, based on the hair and the height difference between Vince & the girl in the pic, but I will need more evidence than this pic to say Vince has moved on.
mar mar 9 years
it really must be tough , considering that Brad's career and love life seems very on track, and her's is totally off. It is going to be hard for her I have a feeling to totally fall in love again. Personally, I just can not imagine doing Vince.
Shiloh-Jolie-Pitt Shiloh-Jolie-Pitt 9 years
sashak sashak 9 years
yeah, I never thought of them as any kind of a long term couple. She needs a regular joe, not another Hollywood guy.
Ms_Magnificent1 Ms_Magnificent1 9 years
Damn, he moves quick!!! Yeah I could never really see them as a couple either. I mean from Brad to Vince? Sorry...but Jen you are in need of upgrade!
funkyfeet funkyfeet 9 years
I think he's just giving her a kiss on the cheek. However, I never believed Vince and Jen to be a real couple and I still don't.
FB1977 FB1977 9 years
They won't last, regardless if this is a cheek kiss or not...he was her REBOUND relationship. She was desperate to show Brangelina that she had moved on, and did not care, and voila Vince was ready, willing and able, so she chose him. Fairly obvious, if you ask me. Don't be fooled by Hollywood romanticizing this relationship...this isn't The Break-Up. This is/was Jen just trying to move that she has, she's probably finally realizing she never really liked Vince as much as she thought.
mar mar 9 years
there is no way that is Jen. The hair is not nearly as nice as hers. I never ever thought this couple would last, and I dont even know how together they really ever were. I never got the sense she was so into him. Life must be so weird being played out in the tabloids, I got to say
LaurenG22 LaurenG22 9 years
maybe its his sister? i love jen and vince together... dont know why though since she annoys me...
brokenhalo brokenhalo 9 years
I doubt it would have worked out with him and Jen anyways, he's too much of a Playboy, and I'm guessing he's back to his old self already. Anyways, I really hope Jen finds a man who will make her happy.
yiddidea yiddidea 9 years
Entertainers and artists are physical beings, so cheek kisses as greetings and goodbyes are the norm. I wouldn't take this random pic as evidence of anything.
BeachBarbie BeachBarbie 9 years
I think it is a cheek kiss. I really want them together.
DulceSkye DulceSkye 9 years
I never know what to believe with these two. I like them as a couple, though.
radarkitty radarkitty 9 years
That's not Jen. Vince is not gay. And I am not giving up on them either! I love Vince. We almost named our son after him!
Sica Sica 9 years
It's normal, she cans be a fan! Who cares..come on. ____________________________________ "Don't let me get me"
sheetal215 sheetal215 9 years
they sure do move fast in hollywood!
Imabeliever Imabeliever 9 years
He was so drunk in those photos of that night.. withthe stain on his shirt and the cut on his finger and the dark circles under his eyes.. who knows what else he did.. crazy party guy Vince is back!!
JK-Boogie JK-Boogie 9 years
heard he was gay....I think this rumour has only come about because he has been hanging out with Spacey in London who is definately gay
BlondeSugar BlondeSugar 9 years
this looks like a cheek kiss to me
jennifer76 jennifer76 9 years
Oh, what. This could be a kiss on the cheek hello or goodbye. I'm not giving up on them just yet.
paigesweetkisses paigesweetkisses 9 years
hmm.. that doesn't look like her to me, but i hope it is =(
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