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Director McG This Means War Interview (Video)

McG Talks Taking Reese From Cute to Sexy and This Means War's Surprise Ending

This Means War director McG is no stranger to working with some of Hollywood's hottest leading ladies. On his latest film, the man behind Charlie's Angels says he tasked himself with setting Reese Witherspoon's America's Sweetheart image off on a steamy new trajectory. I chatted with McG at the recent LA press day for the project about Reese's sex appeal and smarts, as well as why the ending he chose for the film might even surprise his cast. Check out the interview and catch This Means War when it hits theaters on Valentine's Day!

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what I wanted to do was challenge her to be a little bit more sexy. Right. Reese, you're so hot, you know. Let's just get out there and share it with the world. remember I showed Reese the picture in the editing suite, and about 90 minutes into the movie - the movie is only 100 minutes - she looks at me and she goes, "I don't know who I'm gonna choose." So, tell me about doing this film. All I care about is what you thought of the movie. I'm so not interested in me. I'm interested in you though. Oh, you're kind to say so. Did you like it? I thought it was great because it's got a combination of this sort of spy thriller with a romantic comedy. But was that daunting as a director to try to make both of those work in one film? No, I love spy thrillers, I love comedies, I love action movies, I love to laugh very deeply so it's easy to take all those influences and put 'em together and populate a film, very talented actors, guess this means work. Well what was it like to work with Reese and have her kind of leading this film? Reese brings so much goodwill to a film and then what I wanted to do was challenge her to be a little bit more sexy. Right. I said, 'Reese, you're so hot, you know, let's just get out there and share it with the world.' And that's really her in her underwear making out with Pine on a kitchen top. Exactly. She just brings an understood intelligence. People know she's an impressive woman. She's the sun in which this whole film orbits around, and put most simply, if you were a guy, you would give up the single life to have the hand of Reese Witherspoon. Of course. I needed that level of credibility to say why would these guys fight so vehemently over a woman's hand. And that's why, because she's amazing. We usually see her playing cute, Yeah. but she's a lot sexier in this film. That's, that's what I wanted. Is that a new challenge? To me, 'cause I think, if you are an intelligent woman and you are powerful and comfortable your own skin, there's never any reason to apologize for being beautiful. Now what was it about Tom and Chris that made them right for their respective roles? Pine is definitely the all American, good looking, chiseled maverick. and Hardy is this dashing Brit that looks like Marlon Brando and Paul Newman had a kid. And they're both so compelling that I ask you as a woman, which you jump? Do I have to choose just one? Right now. You're on the spot. Choose just one. Wow. I can't. Well, they're both very compelling. She doesn't for a while in the movie. Well, that's the point. I remember I showed picture in the editing suite and about 90 minutes into the movie, the movie's only 100 minutes. She looks at me and she goes, I don't know who I'm gonna choose. Yeah. And I said, well then we did it. Yeah. Because the guy's got to be--they're different, there's character separation--but they're equally compelling. Did you consider some alternate endings? Yeah, the cast doesn't even know which ending I'm ultimately releasing. I know what film you saw, and how that ends up. But I have alternate endings just to be fun and playful. Now, I was talking to Chelsea a minute ago. She's out of her F**kin mind. A little bit yeah. I was talking about her really unsexy sex scene in this movie. Why is it so unsexy? She's with poor man's Galifianakis eating Cheetos. Okay, unique. Let's just call it unique then. Yeah, but the idea is she's married with 3 kids and I think if you ask married people appointment sex. You have to make an appointment, if it's Thursday, it's 9:00, you know put on a Barry White record and we going to make it happen. That's just kind of what she does, and that's where the funny comes from and the scene's kind of gross and kind of funny at the same time and, you know, Chelsea Handler. There you go. I love her. I've never seen her do it in a movie, so I'm just so happy to be the one saying hey world, here's Chelsea in a cinematic construct and isn't she amazing. Right. And she said the Cheetos were her idea, so. Everything's her idea.

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