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Do You Think Grey's Has Its Groove Back?

Do You Think Grey's Has Its Groove Back?

Just like you, we were totally down on Grey's Anatomy at the beginning of the season, and were ready for it to be over, ghost sex and all. Then, all of a sudden over the past few weeks, we're totally wrapped up in it again. Shonda promised us that the Izzie plot line was going somewhere interesting — we're on the edge of our seats, and it goes without saying there are tears at the end of the episode.

They even found a way to breathe captivating new drama into Meredith and Derek's relationship. On the other hand, it took an awful lot of bad episodes to finally return to the good, and this show has tricked us into loving it before. So tell us, with another heart-wrenching episode tonight — do you think Grey's has its groove back?


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