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Does Heidi Talk About Her Sex Life Too Much?

Heidi Klum chatted with Ellen today about the new season of Project Runway, her kids and of course her husband. Heidi's always been open about her active romantic life with Seal, but lately its seems like all she wants to talk about. While we love the way they gush about each other, we're wondering if she's sharing too much. Watch the clip below and tell us, does Heidi talk about her sex life too much?

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pink_magnetism pink_magnetism 8 years
:ROTFL: Jillness! It doesn't really bother me-I don't think she;s ever said anything too graphic.
lanuchan lanuchan 8 years
i didnt really think that was an overshare at all--its nice that she's so genuine.
Saritad Saritad 8 years
At least they are still passionate about each. Congrats to them.
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 8 years
lilstacylou.....I understand this site is for opinions, comments, but your statement is just downright cruel and shows an obvious lack of tact and maturity.
buttercupjey buttercupjey 8 years
i agree with those that said she was asked the question and it really was a "nice" way to answer the question, it seemed funny to me :)
Kookaile Kookaile 8 years
Babbles, I totally agree - she just ironic!
Kookaile Kookaile 8 years
That was the correct answer for a stupid question!
babbles babbles 8 years
Didn't anyone realize she's just kidding? I think she's hilarious! She's always funny and ironic!
youngest_sister youngest_sister 8 years
I don't find anything annoying here! Ellen asked her, she answered in a very amusing and witty way! No gross details, no unclean words, no digging the matter! After all, sex is a part of our life, an essential part, where is the problem?!
minimicra minimicra 8 years
I don't get how it's tacky. I don't think it is - she just answered a question in an amusing way and she even did it in a quite neutral manner.
tami85521 tami85521 8 years
she's soooooooo annoying
papa-bear papa-bear 8 years
I think its horrible that she talks about her sex life...because it doesn't involve me. :( Other than that, who cares? Its not like she's going on Sesame Street talking about getting railed by Seal.
i-heart-monster i-heart-monster 8 years
Hellllloooo? She was kidding. Oi.
lorenashley lorenashley 8 years
her talking about his manhood started it. if she had shut her mouth no one would be asking her about it :sick:
flutterpie flutterpie 8 years
ellen asked she told, end of story. its not like she is saying "ya so when seal and i doing it in the closet, i stand on my head...."
crystalvillage06 crystalvillage06 8 years
I don't see anything wrong with this clip, as long as she's not going into detail. And I can't believe some one is making fun of a persons scar in such a mean way; very rude.
lindsee lindsee 8 years
I agree with one of the comments below; she hardly gave away any information and joked at the end.
AshleyDaigh AshleyDaigh 8 years
Ellen asked her the question and she was just answering. I think Ellen prob knew where it was leading because HK is so open about her sex life, they are a good couple so refreshing when there is so much cheating and heart break going on in the world.
mrskrismendoza mrskrismendoza 8 years
Meh. I don't really care. As long as they are happy I guess..
lorenashley lorenashley 8 years
broschkh broschkh 8 years
I don't really care to hear about it, but I don't think I could ever bring myself to say anything bad about her or her ADORABLE family. She's always been classy and she's just having some fun. Besides, its easy enough to ignore (unlike our dear friend, B.Spears).
LoneWolf LoneWolf 8 years
People give Gwyneth a hard time (and Beyonce, too) about being all closed-mouthed about her relationships, but I'd rather hear nothing than hear about someone's package. That doesn't make me a prude, just respectful. If I'm your friend, that's one thing. But I'm not so, please, keep it to yourself.
vivelamour vivelamour 8 years
Well, from this clip. I say no. All she did was answer the questions Ellen asked her! At least she didn't spill out every detail. Uh huh, I'm talking to you, Mrs. Longoria-Parker!
Zahara-Pitt Zahara-Pitt 8 years
Downy Downy 8 years
Oh come on, people are so PRUDEEEEEEEEE!! She didn't gave too much information, she was just funny. BTW, lilstacylou, your comment is disgusting
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