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Dreama Walker Don't Trust the B in Apt 23 Interview (Video)

Don't Trust the B in Apt. 23's Dreama Walker on Sharing Scenes With Dawson

Dreama Walker's new show Don't Trust the B in Apt 23 debuted on ABC earlier this month, and we recently caught up with the actress, whom you may recognize from Gossip Girl and The Good Wife, here in NYC. She told us all about her own run-ins with unsavory roommates, and what it's like playing opposite James Van Der Beek, who actually plays James Van Der Beek on the comedy. Krysten Ritter has the honor of playing the titular B in the series. Dreama says that, despite their characters' differences, she and Krysten have actually bonded off set — and over one thing in particular. Check out what Dreama had to say!

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I had a roommate who had parakeets. One of them died while under my care. And I was attacked by the other bird trying to remove the other one's corpse. It was bad, really scary, dark times. I remember seeing him on lunchboxes and binders and things and being like, "Oh, that's what boyfriends look like when you get older." So we are super excited about your new show. Can you, in a nutshell, sort of tell me about the plot? It is about a naive young woman played by me. My character's name is June and she moves to New York for the job of her dreams and the career that she's always wanted, and finds out that the company's gone bankrupt, she loses her job, her apartment, and finds out that her fiancee is a cheater. So not a very good week. But she does find a roommate who seems awesome and fun and really into cool things and is best friends with James Van Der Beek, but it turns out she's a conniving, manipulative bad person but a lot of fun. That's always a plus. So do you have anything in common with your character, June? I moved to New York when I was 17 and I just thought 'Oh, yeah, success is going to be easy'. But it's a really, really hard city to survive in, but it's an amazing city. That and we're both very naive and We really see the best in people. That's a good thing though. I'd like to think so. And I'm glad I'm not the only one who starved about drinking champagne with [xx]. Absolutely, I mean I thought that was what New York was. Christine Ritter [sp?] plays the B in the title, but does her character have any growth? Is she really a B at heart? our relationship is very antagonistic, it's kinda like a Tom and Jerry tug of war, sort of deal. And what kind of show would it be we called her that word and then she wasn't. And you know she Very sweet and motherly. That wouldn't be very good. It's funny to watch. Now it's awesome to have James Van Der Beek on the show. Yes. I don't growing up were you a big fan of his in Dawson Creek or Varsity Blues? actually wasn't allowed to watch Dawson's Creek. I know I was a total loser in seventh grade when everybody was super excited and stuff, but I remember seeing him on lunch boxes and binders and things and being like, oh, that's what boyfriends look like when you get older. And that's not what any of my my boyfriends looked like unfortunately in middle school. He actually is playing James Van Der Beek. Yes. Do you know the back story behind the development of his character as James Van Der Beek? Yes. Well it's funny because he's playing a single, sort of very narcissistic, self-centered version of himself living in New York. And he's none of those things. He's not single, he's not narcissistic, and he doesn't live in New York. So it's obviously a fictional version and he has a lot of fun with it. He pokes fun at himself. Now this show comes amid the period where there are all sorts of female driven comedies on TV...are you a big fan of some of theother shows that are very popular right now? Im very happy to be part of a you know an all female comic revolution I think it'sWe were finally getting a chance to show the world that we're funny too. So this is your second show set in New York City, with Gossip Girl and Don't Trust the B. Are there any similarities about the city between the two series. Filming in New York is a lot of fun. Doing exterior shots here is something that every actor should experience. There's nothing like trying to do a take and having it being freezing outside, having little hand warmers, and having to wear clothes that are attractive, and aren't a big puffer coat and that's what I wore when I there everyday. I walked around like this. But, yeah, so it's fun doing stuff in New York, but I love that we do the show in LA, so that it's nice and warm and I get to live in California now. Even though I love New York. L.A.'s been very nice, so I like it. I'm sure everyone wants to know, have you personally have you ever had an awful roommate experience? I haven't. Thank goodness. I'm so lucky. I've never had a terrible roommate. I feel like, you know. I had a roommate Who had parakeets, and I don't really like birds. One of them died while under my care, so I felt like an awful roommate. And I was attacked by the other bird, trying to remove the other one's corpse. It was bad, really scary, dark times. But no, thank goodness I've never actually had a bad roommate. Now Christen's Chloe obviously puts your character in some really out there situations, but when the cameras aren't rolling, have you and Christen grow to be pretty close? Yeah, we both have dogs, so we're dog moms. She just recently got a dog and I was on her about, "this is the kind of bed you should get and blah, blah, blah", because I'm a total nerd. After the show debuts, what's next for you? Well, there was a film that I did that went to Sundance this year called Compliance that's being released, sometime later on in the year. And I'm also a singer/songwriter, so I've been working on that, and I write a little bit, and hopefully we'll get a again, that would be amazing, and yeah. Just hanging out. Trying to find cool new projects that I'm excited about. Thanks so much for visiting with us today. Thank you for having me. Good luck with the show.

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