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John Krasinski on Big Miracle: "Who Doesn't Love Drew Barrymore?"

Drew Barrymore and John Krasinski chatted with us recently at the LA junket for their upcoming film, Big Miracle. The pair team up to share the inspirational story, based on true events, of three gray whales trapped under the Alaskan ice caps. Drew and John talked about their time on set, and how they reacted to their larger than life costars, giant whale puppets. Drew also shared details about her experience with I'm a Huge Fan — stay tuned to see her series with out winner, and check out Big Miracle when it hits theaters on February 3.

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I jumped at the chance to do this. I was like great, awesome, yes, let's do it. I don't know who doesn't love Drew Barrymore. Drew, I know this is a big passion project from you and you were attached early on, so what role did you have in bringing John on board? Very little other than hopefully like my will of, like sending him like signals of please let's do this together because I... And the signals were in the form of saying that I should do it. Right. She came up to me. It was very, very sweet. I mean look, I'm totally starstruck by her still. I don't know who doesn't love Drew Barrymore and so, when I heard that she was actually behind it, it was kind of insane. And working with her is unbelievable. I mean, on the set like that, the entire crew is basically looking at one person because if one person slips out and says like I'm in a bad mood or it's too cold then everybody sort of starts falling apart. She's like tremendous leader. It sounds like this was such an ambitious shoot. People don't shoot in Alaska very often. Yeah. So what were some of the biggest challenges? I don't really think there were any bad challenges. The cold. I mean it was cold. Right. And it got dark at like 3:30. That was the biggest challenge. Right. That would be rough. It's being dark all the time. Yeah, because you had to get work at you know -- you'd think earlier but work was, you know, the sun came up at like 8 or 8:30 or something weird and then went down at like at 3:30. And then it was gone. Yeah. By the end, it was going down at like 2:30. Yeah. I read that you guys actually worked with puppets instead of having the whales be like an after effect on the film. Yeah. So what did that add to the experience for both of you? These guys who created them from Australia did an amazing job. I mean, they're so detailed and the way they come out of the water on this, like giant mechanical arm is, like it's perfectly timed to make it look like they're just getting up enough time for air. It was really amazing and it definitely adds a whole another level to the set and everyone's very aware of the whales popping up. I like watching films where I can see that it in the room, like I loved "Where the Wild Things Are" where it's just like, you know, Max and these amazing, you know, puppets, creatures whatever, it's like you just, you can sense that sort of ability to interact, and I appreciate the technology of green screen and CGI, but I feel like I wouldn't do as well if I wasn't sort of like tactile. Now Drew, I also wanted to thank you so much for being a part of our "I'm a huge fan" series. Thank you for having me. Our winner Nicole, she is so excited to meet you. Pop Sugar has this program called "I'm a huge fan" which is so nice. And I've seen a bunch of them. And people come to junkets and sometimes they get to go and do something that's sort of tied in or appropriate to the film itself. I applied for yours. You did? Oh no! That's because... It was looking really good for a minute and then... We realized we were gonna be together all day anyway, and then you... be fair, John. Yeah, you referred to your offer. Drew, I wanted to ask you being on the other side of it, what does it mean to you to get to meet some of your fans? I jumped at the chance to do this. I was like great, awesome. Yes let's do it. Just in that way of, I don't know, I just like interacting with people. To me, it just seemed like a really nice fit and sometimes when you're in an interview-style environment, when you can do something that's a little bit more personal, I think it makes it so much cooler.

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