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Drew's Not So Serious

Drew's Not So Serious

We just saw the trailer for Drew Barrymore's latest movie "Music and Lyrics" with Hugh Grant and we couldn't help but say how she has really come into her own. We remember Drew growing up as The Little Girl Lost so it is so wonderful to see her happy, successful and in love. Drew graces the cover of Harper's Bazaar and in the issue she talk about the importance of taking yourself lightly. Here's More:

"Don't take life so seriously," she says. "Don't take the movie industry too seriously. Don't take love and your relationship so goddamned heavy all the time. Laugh, laugh, laugh."

The actress, who grew up both onscreen and in the tabloids, even offers advice to the likes of Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears: "You just have to try to be as graceful as you can," she says. "You flub, you flub. And that's life. I think: Do what you want, but just be professional."

Looks like someone figured out the secret to life in Hollywood. LL and Britney could learn a thing or two from Drew.

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