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The Duff Is Dating!

It's so great to see a smile on Hilary's face. She's getting past the break-up and moving on with life, at least that is what she told Ryan Seacrest on his radio show yesterday. Hilary also confessed that she has no hard feelings against Joel and that there wasn't even a reason for their split. Now, she's just having fun being single. She even recently went on her first date - ever. Here's more:

"I've never gotten to (date) before, so it's kind of exciting," she said. "I've always just had a boyfriend, you know? I'm young!"

Duff, 19, said her breakup with Madden, the lead singer of Good Charlotte, late last year, after two and half years together, wasn't bitter. "There was nothing – no fight, no 'He did this, I did this,' " she said. "It was just time for people to move on and do different things."

They still keep in touch, she added. "I had a really great relationship with him, and we still have a great relationship, which is really good and unusual. He's a good person, and I always will care about him."

Guess that means Nicole came in after the fact. Hilary is always so professional. She wouldn't mention whom she went on a date with either so we'll have to wait and see if he is lucky enough to get a second date. Stay tuned.


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