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Dwayne Johnson Journey 2: The Mysterious Island Interview

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Talks About His Mesmerizing Pecs and Teenage Hijinx

Giant butterflies, miniature elephants, and hidden ruins spring to life in 3D form in Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. Returning for the sequel Josh Hutcherson shares the big screen with newcomers to the franchise Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Vanessa Hudgens. I sat down with Dwayne at a recent press day in Honolulu where he shared what it was like shooting on location in Hawaii, where he grew up, and how he mesmerizes ladies with his rock solid pecs. Muscles were a hot topic with "The Rock" who also filled me in on his number one fitness tip. Check out our interview and catch Journey 2: The Mysterious Island in theaters on February 10.

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how can I utilize my body in a way that was appropriate, in 3D? So to be able to come back, pump millions of dollars into the economy and do right by the local people in my culture here is a very, very cool thing. Okay, so this film brings you back to Hawaii Yeah. Where you spent some of your childhood. How much that mean to you to come back here? So much Katy. It did. Look, I was, I was a kid. When I was here growing up I got in trouble a lot, a lot of things I shouldn't be doing, a lot of dumb thing. I was getting arrested all the time. Really stupid. So to be able to come back and bring a movie like this here, contribute properly to society, pump millions of dollars others into the economy and do right by the local people. My culture here is a very, very cool thing. And so did you just hang out with some of your friends while you were filming and stuff, family, friends? No, I didn't do that because there was just, honestly, there was just no time, yeah. I mean, it's just long, long hours trying to shoot a movie, but my family knows that. They're all very sensitive to my schedule. They know I love them. I may not see you, you may not come to the set, but you know I I love you. It's all love. So, your muscles, I have to say are very impressive in 3-D. Thank you. It's a gift. Was it your idea to do the peck hop of love. Was it your idea? It was, indeed. So basically we have all these cool, dazzling visual effects and stunning action sequences and everything that it is, everything that the movie is, I felt that, "How can we take James Cameron's advanced 3-D technology after Avatar, because we were the first movie to have it. How can I utilize my body in a way that was appropriate in 3D. So, I thought what about those bouncing my pecs up and down out to the audience and then one of the producers said, "Yeah, well, what took berries and threw em against your chest, and one popped off into the audiences face, I thought that's brilliant, what if we went rapid fire and there was multiple berries bouncing off my chest into the audience face. It's one big social dream. It's, it is a treat. I have to say it. It's a treat, right? It's definitely treat. So, I'm gonna have to ask 'cause we're in January, and we're nearing the end of January and a lot of people are following off the wagon when it comes to their New Year's resolutions. So how do you stay motivated to get in the gym? How do you stay fit? I mean, you always are in shape. I know you grew up with an athlete, but what's your trick? The trick is, and I share this with people all the time. And this is an important one. You're right. At the, it's that threshold right now at the end of January, right? Wherein people start to fall off the wagon, is to don't wait 'til January to make your New Year's resolutions. As you go along and we live, we 're on this treadmill of life that never ends and is always going so fast, make up along the way. And if you need, if you need to change something, if you want to do something along the way, you gotta do it. You gotta take that first step, whatever it is. Make adjustments. Make adjustments, yeah, along the way. And then that way, come January, you're not thinking about ten things that you want to do. And then you're not disappointed with yourself if you fall off the wagon, this week at the end of January. Well, you're definitely not falling off the wagon. Not, not the fitness wagon. No. Other wagons, yes. I'll fall off.

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