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Fifty Shades of Grey Movie News (Video)

Video: Fifty Shades of Grey Gets One Step Closer to the Big Screen!

Today brings exciting news about the Fifty Shades of Grey movie! Two producers behind The Social Network have signed on for the project, and we're taking a look at what it means for the film — and how it might influence casting for Christian and Ana — in today's PopSugar Rush.

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exciting news on the Fifty Shades of Grey movie. Hey there, I'm Lauren Bradshaw. Find out why we're one step closer to casting Christian and Anna and bring the best-seller to the big screen in today's PopSugar Rush. Dana Brunetti and Michael DeLuca are two of the producers behind The Social Network and now they're taking on Fifty Shades of Grey. Now this is very good news for the movie and BuzzSugar editor Shannon Vestal is joining me now to help explain why. Hey Shannon. Hi. So why having Dana and Michael? Why is that good for the movie? Well, these are producers of Oscar nominated films with The Social Network and Money Ball. And I think that having them involved kind of brings more credibility to this adaptation. And also it means that production is moving right along and that means that we're closer to casting really. Right. I know we've all been very excited for that. How do you thinks that their involvement is going to implode the casting. I think that having these heavy weight producers involved might attract bigger names that would have been interesting since the book is so racy I feel like maybe some actors may have shied away a little bit. Right. Well, that's a good point. Well, I know you have had a lot of BuzzSugar readers weighing in on who they would like to see. Yeah. Who 's the one that most people think you'd be rallying behind. Surprisingly BuzzSugar readers love Jessie Pavelka whose a fitness model. You may not have heard of him 'cause he doesn't have a huge acting resume which to me doesn't mean he might be the perfect choice for Christian. Readers are also loving Game of Thrones, Emilia Clarke who plays Daenerys Targaryen, who if you've seen the show you know that she's probably not shy about nudity. Yeah, so she actually probably be a good fit for this. But who do you want? My personal Christian Grey is Supernatural's Jensen Ackles. I think that he has that right mix of intensity and tenderness. And what about for Anna? For Anna, I'm really liking Analeigh Tipton. Most people would remember her from America's Next Top Model and Crazy, Stupid Love. I think she's just got that perfect wide-eyed innocence thing that's so Ana. Well, perfect. Well, hopefully, we'll be seen to casting you soon. Whoever gets it, it's gonna be huge for them. Oh yeah. Well, thanks so much Shannon. Yeah, of course. And tell us in the comments if you're excited to hear about this latest Fifty Shades of Grey movie news. I'm Lauren Bradshaw and I'll see you next time on PopSugar Rush.

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Sheryl14647533 Sheryl14647533 2 years
Ian Somerholder.....................I swoon over his eyes.................would be an awesome Christian. Emma Watson for Anatasia................she looks naïve however can make you FEEL what needs to be said, even without words. Can you just see her PLEADING with Christian (Ian). AWWWWWWWWW! Just don't use Leonard Decaprio or Johnny Depp.......between those two my choice would be Depp! The housekeeper, Angela Bassett!
Mrs0Anastasia0S0Grey Mrs0Anastasia0S0Grey 3 years
 @KarKarB24 Michelle pfeiffer or in factt Angelina jolie
Mrs0Anastasia0S0Grey Mrs0Anastasia0S0Grey 3 years
 @erinrhare The man is very ugly... I don't see handsomeness of Mr. Grey on him
Mrs0Anastasia0S0Grey Mrs0Anastasia0S0Grey 3 years
That b*tch doesn't know how to pick... who said lots (buzzsugar) are voting for Jessie Pavelka? I've been on the books movie casting discussion for freaking weeks and I know most said Ian Somerholder, Henry Cavill or Matt Bomer... and Analeigh Tipton? don't get me even started there... she's no beautiful Miss Steele...
Rhonda3044553 Rhonda3044553 3 years
shailene woodley-The perfect Ana
Ahr94 Ahr94 3 years
Matt Bomer. The perfect Christian. 
vlamb vlamb 3 years
Christian Grey-Ian Somerhalder
Mercedes3014279 Mercedes3014279 3 years
The best actor and actress for the parts of Christian Grey and Anastassia Steele are for sure CHRISTIAN BAEL , (what a hunk), and either ANN HATHAWAY or KATE HUDSON .  Laters baby!!!!!!  
Ma-Fatima2987427 Ma-Fatima2987427 3 years
How about Leighton Meester? I think she's good for Ana. As for Christian Grey, Jackson Rathbone, maybe?
darbyo darbyo 3 years
Analeigh Tipton !  
Desirée2951631 Desirée2951631 3 years
@cpastore1 I agree about Collin & I like henry cavill. alexis bledel has my vote for Ana, her complextion & eyes are win win & she can pull off plain as in book 1 but equally sexy.
Desirée2951631 Desirée2951631 3 years
gilmore girls alexis bledel! She has the right look for Ana all the way!
SirenSongWoman SirenSongWoman 3 years
 @cpastore1  @KarKarB24 Uma's been mentioned but Charlize would KILL as Elena.  Literally!
SirenSongWoman SirenSongWoman 3 years
 @cpastore1  @KarKarB24 Uma's been mentioned but Charlie would KILL as Elena.  Literally!
cpastore1 cpastore1 3 years
All this talk of casting made us start our own casting suggestion list! Check it out and share your thoughts 
cpastore1 cpastore1 3 years
 @Valentina2924003 Emmy Rossum is such a great choice. I also thought maybe Felicity Jones or even Jessica Stroup from 90210. For me there is not a clear cut winner, yet. I can say for sure I do not want Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart. Now who should play Kate, Mia and Elliot?
cpastore1 cpastore1 3 years
 @Sabrina2782617 Could be the role that would thrust her into the spotlight and gives her career the boost it needs. She's on the brink of becoming a big star. 
cpastore1 cpastore1 3 years
 @KarKarB24 We have some suggestions on who should play the 40ish Mrs. Robinson.  I think Sharon Stone and Kim Cattrall are too old for the part and too obvious. Check out our picks and weigh in -
erinrhare erinrhare 3 years
Very seriously, how is no one buzzing about Alexander Skarsgard (have you seen his ass? Amazing.) as Christian?! The whole time I was reading the books, his face was all I saw. If they cast the Twi-bots as Christian and Ana, I will probably not bother with it. I love KStew as Bella, but I think she is a terrible actress, it's like her emotions are botoxed over. 
SirenSongWoman SirenSongWoman 3 years
 @Izzy68 When I re-read the trilogy Jessie was so in my head.  He IS Christian Grey.  Anyone else just isn't going to cut it.  I especially love that he has a young son and is a devoted family man.  If you know how it all ends this matters.  Virtually everyone else named would have to pretend.  Jessie just IS Christian Grey.  Thrilled for the shout out!
bloquacious bloquacious 3 years
 @Izzy68 Yes Jessie does embody the description of CTG from the book fully...and whoa...Love the shout out to Jessie in the clip above! 
Izzy68 Izzy68 3 years
Jessie Pavelka is Christian! PLEASE DO NOT CAST ROBERT PATTERSON.He is not sexy enough for Christian.I also like Missy Peregrym as Ana. She is beautiful in a soft, simple way.She doesn't need a lot of makeup to be beautiful, just like Ana.NOT KRISTEN STEWART.She is NOT expressive enough. Kathy Baker as Grace,Ashely Willliams as Mia, Blake Lively as Kate,Treat Williams as Carriack, Matt Bomer as Elliot,Christopher Gorham as Ethan, and Michelle Pfeifer as Mrs.Robison.
Valentina2924003 Valentina2924003 3 years
 @cpastore1 Wow! I love your idea for Colin Egglesfield to play Christian! But I DEFINITELY think Emmy Rossum should be Ana! She's PERFECT!
KarKarB24 KarKarB24 3 years
all this talk about Christian and Ana, but what about the supporting cast — who should play "Mrs. Robinson"?!
Sabrina2782617 Sabrina2782617 3 years
 @cpastore1 Ohhh... Elizabeth Olsen! I didn't even think of her! Good choice! 
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