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Gabby Douglas Wins Gymnastics Gold Medal

Video: Gabby Wins Gold! 5 Things to Know About the New Olympic Sweetheart

After winning gold during yesterday’s all-around competition in women’s gymnastics, 16-year-old Gabby Douglas has become the sweetheart of this year’s Olympics. We’re taking a look at the young phenomenon everyone is talking about and telling you what you need to know about Gabby in this PopSugar Rush.

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I could barely sleep last night. After winning gold during yesterday's all around competition in women's gymnastics, 16 year old Gabby Douglas has become the sweetheart of this year's Olympics. Hey, there, I'm Lauren Bradshaw and joining me is FitSugar editor Lizzie Fuhr. Hey, guys. We're taking a look at the young phenomenon that has everyone talking and telling you what you need to know about Gabby in this PopSugar Rush. And that's a Gabby gold! A great moment there from NBC's broadcast last night of the Olympics where Gabby won the gold for Team USA, so let's talk about why this was such a big deal. Going into the Olympics, all eyes were really on Jordyn Wieber and team captain Aly Raisman, and Gabby just sort of surprised Her medal make her the first gymnast to take the two gold medal for both the team competition and the individual all around, and whats even more historical about this day is that Gabby is the first African American to take home the gold medal for the individual all-around. Yeah. And she, you know, definitely making history here. And she spoke on the Today Show this morning about her win and sort of the moments leading up to it and having nerves and wondering if she was gonna take the gold. So let's take a look at her reaction. It was a crucial moment. My heart was just pounding. And it was definitely nerve-wracking. I was like, "Okay, do I have it? Do I not?" And when her score popped up and I was still first, and one of the moments that I have to cherish. Well, she's clearly staying very humble about this, even though she's already picking up fans in Hollywood. Now Oprah tweeted OMG! I'm so thrilled for Gabby. Flowing happy tears. So Oprah's pretty excited. She is. Who else is sharing their love of Gabby right now? So former Olympic gymnast Mary Lou Retton tweeted to Gabby saying she was so proud of her. And actually Beyonce got in on all the love too. So she put up a sweet message on her website saying thanks for inspiring all of us. Well, I'm sure that was very Gavy get the message from answer? I sir? As he mention you know going to won the ice prematch on our jordan so gavy that little bit Peoples who gone over back story walking tower? Gabby is such a greate story, she actually was training her coach learning talent two years ago. Shawn Johnson compete in Olympic games, in Beijing, in 2008. She felt really moved and went up to her mom and said, "I really think this the coach that is going to help me." To become an Olympian, she actually left her family in Virginia moved to live with a host family in Ohio, but you know it looks like all the hard work has paid off gamble has a series called raising an Olympian. Where they interviewed Gabby and her mom about that separation and being apart from each other and how hard was and Gabby admitted at one point she thought about going home Baby come home, nope she told me life is not Easy you have to fight and just refused to quit . I said you have team members, you have a country that you are representing, you left, she did not talk to us, she was angry little while, and then we video channel it, and then she says I am going to stay home, I am going to stay and I am going to fight for my dreams Well, staying there and fighting for her dream, like she said, certainly paid off, but what is next for her after all of the? So, America is just loving Gabby right now for good reason. She has such fun, bright energy. She's always smiling. Expect the endorsement deals to come rolling in. And she actually already has her own Kellogg's Corn Flakes box. Well, that's fun. We'll see her in the grocery aisle then. We will. Well, thanks so much, Lizzy, for filling us in. Thanks, Lauren. And we'll continue to bring you more Olympics coverage next week, so keep checking back to PopSugar TV. For now, I'm Lauren Bradshaw and thanks for watching PopSugar Rush.

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