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George Clooney at 2012 Oscar Luncheon (Video)

Video: George Clooney Says He and Brad Are Not "Always at the Hilton Drinking Champagne"

George Clooney was first up at the podium today at the annual Oscar nominees luncheon. The Descendants star said this award season has allowed him to catch up with buddy Brad Pitt, who, despite the public perception, he had not seen in about a year. Hear more from George about his friendship with Viola Davis and the honor of being nominated in his fun question-and-answer session!

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Hello. Como estas? Si. Is it technically easier to go through all this kind of ritual or is it always completely shown in the society these days? I don't know if you can hear her, she said how young and god looking I looked up close. You probably couldn't. hear that, and thank you. You're talking about does it get old, basically, or do you get nervous or do you get. I mean you're always. First of all the nice thing is, it's always nice when people are kind to you, you know. And when people like the products that you're making that's a fun time 'cause that doesn't happen all that often as you know. It's also fun because I get to spent time with people that I think a lot ofat home think we all just hang out together. You know, I think they think we have, like we're always at the Hilton drinking champagne. And the truth is, I hadn't seen Brad in about a year, you know, when I saw him at the at the Globes or I think maybe Palm Springs just before that. So it's fun to catch up, and it's fun to see people that I like and that I haven't seen in a long time, and get to meet people. I've gotten to spend some time with Gary really have enjoyed spending time with, so all of the other part of it, the competition part of it, that seems to be a favorite topic of people. They love to pit Brad and I against each other (to coin a phrase). And the truth is, we're buddies and I have nothing but. I just really enjoyed being around him and seeing him and being around all of my other friends Viola and I you know Viola's had her honeymoon at my house in Italy so it's good to be around people that I enjoy so there isn't really a whole lot of you know, the rest of it, there's no trepidation, really. Hey! How are you? I'm very good. You were very good luck for me at our table. I was? Yes, you were, Sam. So, I will sit next to you at the Oscars. Would you do that for me? How do we get Viola list to have our things [xx]. Well first of all, you have to remarry. Which will be a problem for you. Yeah, that was, you know, Viola and I had done several projects. We worked together. You know, we did, the first time we worked together, although not really in the scene together, was in "Out of Sight." So we go back a ways, we did Solaris and Syrianna. And we've worked together a long time and been good friends. So, yeah, we have to work together a lot Sam. Hi, George. Cecilia from Univision. Have you had a chance to see A Better Life and what did you think about that? I did, and you know, it's funny. This is sort of a perfect example of where the Academy can make a huge difference on something like this, which is, a film like A Better Life wouldn't have been seen were it not for the SAG nomination and then the Academy nomination. It's a really wonderful film and he's really wonderful in it. I think of all of the actors that are nominated nominated both in supporting and in lead. His is one of the great stories because this is, this is a career changer for him. You know, the nomination alone, and if he wins it's even more so. So, there's a great story there too, you know. And what's fun about what the Academy can do for films like that is make a huge difference. 'Cause people wouldn't have seen it. And I think they will now, and that's exciting. You know, it's nice to do. I'm not talking to Entertainment Weekly. Okay, come on. Okay. So, obviously we always talk about the Oscars in terms of like first time nominees is what it does for their career. Right. You're well-established. Yes. Old? Is that what you were saying? No, that's not what I mean. Well-established and respected. So does it actually affect your, you know, getting movies made, or being able to pitch things. Or do you look at new nominees and say, oh I want to work with them, as a capacity, as a director or producer. Well, sure, you always Nominations don't make me aware of actors necessarily, you know. Not all the time anyway. Certainly not all that often. but I think that, for me it's fun because this is my second nomination as a writer. Well that's fun because We are always pitching projects and it's nice to be able to go in and say I think we could actually do the screenplay and they let us now, so there's advantages to those kind of things, but the truth of the matter is what these are for. For me it's just an honor, and it's nice because it comes from people that you work with a lot from every category. I mean it's really nice, it's fun. So, can we do two more questions. I will only do one. Hi. Hi, how are you? Your home girl from Cincinnati. Yeah. Hey. Do you think a film like The Help has had a significant social impact or an adverse one? I don't think it's an adverse social impact. She's asking about The Help. I don't think that it, certainly it hasn't had an adverse social impact. You never know how much it has a positive impact because the good news for that film is that not just that it was made but that it made so much money, so it sort of continues to open a dialogue. And all of these arguments that we think we have fought and won over the years we realize will always be discussed. And it never hurts to constantly have these conversations. I mean, I think we're re-fighting or re-arguing evolution and Clarence Darrow had that conversation a hundred years ago. So, it never hurts to constantly have those conversations and I think The Help has done a really wonderful job of, of reminding generations that there were times when just drinking from the same drinking fountain wasn't an automatic, you know. My friend's kids can't imagine that, it's laughable to them. So it's good to remind remind people of it, I think so. I don't think there's any, I know that there is a, there is a version of that that is adverse. I don't see it, but, you know, I don't, yeahI don't see it for some reason. Oh. Yeah dammit. How's your vest, let me see the vest. Did your wife make it? Yes. Okay. All right, so... This is when you know you've actually been to too many of these [xx] right here. I lost weight too, yeah. Did you lose weight? Did you have to take in your belt? Oh, yeah. You have to take that in in the back now. All right, so, award shows have a tendency to cut away to you whenever anybody wins. They do? Yes. Do I make faces? You always have a great face. But what I like is that you are celebrating everybody else's victory. Is there someone with this particular award show - I'm not asking who you voted for - either in front of the camera or behind the scenes that would make you, especially happy when they cut away to that big smile. I don't know, that's a good question. Well look, I, I. Selfishly, every time Alexander wins anything and he's nominated for a couple of things here for, I think 3 or so. Director and screen play and picture. So I have a great affection for him, not just because I got the chance to work with him and he gave me a part of a lifetime but also because he's done five films and he hasn't done a bad one. You know, honest to God, he's got a. He should make more films because he's only made five but he's got the best track record in the business so I'm always pretty happy for him. I'm trying to think of, you know, I enjoy, there are really, there isn't anybody. The question should have been, who do I not want to win? And then I was like "Pull you over in the corner and I'll tell you." No, it's fun 'cause they're all excited to be here and I'm excited to be around them cause that's fun, but I guess Alexander I know that's easy answer, but it truly is. He's one of the. I mean, I'm sure you guys have met him recently or over the last few years. He's really one of the nicest cats in the game, and that makes a big difference so you really root for him. That's it guys. Thanks. Have fun. Have you talked to, let's see.Brad yet? I'm the first one? Oh. I'll tell you what. No. I don't know what to ask him. I don't know. Ask him whatever you want. Have fun, you guys. See you later.

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