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George Clooney at the Palm Springs Film Festival

Video: George Clooney Wants a "Sash" For His Win With Stacy Keibler by His Side

A dapper George Clooney stopped to talk to us on his way inside the Palm Springs Film Festival this evening. The Chairman's Award honoree joked that he wants a sash to come with his win. Tonight's trophy may be one of the first of many for him, as George has garnered multiple nominations this award season. He's even up against good pal Brad Pitt, whom George said he's looking forward to seeing tonight. Check out our full chat with Mr. Clooney now!

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I don't know. George, congratulations. Thank you very much. How are you guys doing? Very well, how about you? I'm okay. I think I'm awake. So you got nominations this year for directing and acting. Does one stand out than the other as being more important or impressive for you? Well, you know, the funny thing is, the older you get, the more you're just trying to do projects that you're proud of. And when people are nice and like them, it's still very rare and you just are happy they like them. You go, thank you and go back to work, you know. I really like working. That's what I like doing and the rest of it, it's nice when they're nice and you can't enjoy it too much because they can be really meanmaybe the next, you know, next year. Wow. You had worn all these different times producing, directing, acting. Yes. What is your next screen? Well, apparently, I'm gonna get a chairman's hat in there, you know. I believe that maybe it comes with the sash. I hope so. I will someday. You and your good friend brought her up for some of the same awards this year. Is there some healthy, friendly competition between you two? I hadn't actually seen him yet. So, I haven't seen him in probably about six or seven months. So, I actually have a good chance of seeing him tonight. So, I'm going to

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