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Golden Globes 2012 Highlights (Video)

Video: Best Dressed! Funniest Moments! Watch Us Break Down All of the Golden Globes Highlights

It's the day after the Golden Globe Awards, and we're taking a look back at all of the show's major moments! Watch as our editors Allison McNamara, Molly Goodson, and Lindsay Miller dish on their favorite dresses of the evening, the speeches that gave them goosebumps, and the funniest moments of the night. Do you agree with their picks? Check it out in today's special PopSugar Rush.

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Hey there, it's Allison McNamara and I'm here with Pop Sugar editors Molly Goodson and Lindsay Miller. Hi ladies. Hello. And in today's special episode of Pop Sugar Rush, we're breaking down everything that happened at the 2012 Golden Globes last night. So first off, what did you guys think of the show? I mean, I love the Golden Globes because they're just fun. It brings together TV stars and movie stars, they seem like they're really like loose, I mean Helen Mirren said that she was drunk on stage. I enjoyed that. Yeah, I mean I think the Globes are fun because they're not quite as as formal as the Oscars, and I also thought there were a lot of big surprise wins last night. I mean, I don't think a lot of people expected Matt LeBlanc to take all the awards and he did. Congratulations. I did, I love it. Well, let's start breaking down all the highlights with my favorite category first, Best Dress. Champagne dresses were all over the red carpet but my personal favorite was Emma Stone. I just die for her long band dress, it was so beautiful. I love redheads in purple, nice change from the green that she's been wearing a lot of lately too, so I think that she looked lovely in that. What did you guys like? So, I'm not actually usually a girly girl. I don't usually pick pinks or sparkles but I died for Charlize Theron last night, she looked amazing in Dior, she looked like she stepped right out of her own Dior ad, and she was just glowing as she walked down the carpet on the opposite end of the spectrum. I was a big fan of Rooney Mara in that Nina Ricci. I think she's done such a great job of establishing a style for herself after really only being in the spotlight for a few months. It was young, it was daring. It still had that punk-rock edge that she's been bringing to everything. I loved that black bustle in the back, her little mini bustle with the organza and I just thought it was a winner. I like people taking risks. You actually predicted those cut outs on Twitter. I did, I was tweeting earlier in the day and I said, Rooney, please wear leather cutouts or leather and cutouts in your globes dress and one or two ain't bad. She did it, she must have read your twitter, definitely. I'm sure I'm sure. I think we definitely have some red carpet highlights we're showing to you, and Anne Rooney. But let's get into the actual winner of the night. Homeland had a big night, so did the artists. What did you guys think of those? Well I was really excited to see the artists win, because I thought this movie was so creative. A huge risk to put out a silent film in this day and age. Definitely, I mean, a silent film is tough. Right, of course. And Uggy the dog is maybe the cutest thing on the planet. I saw him walk the carpet at the wine scene party and I wanted to kidnap him. I think we can all agree that he was the star of the night. He stole the spotlight, that's for sure. And I was actually really excited for Homeland. I was ready for the show going into it. I thought Claire Danes did such an amazing job on it. And it was actually very funny, because when she came back to the press room, they introduced her like, oh, here's Claire Danes. She's here every year. She's a bit of a Golden Globes darling. But she is, she's there like every year and always looking amazing. I loved her dress last night as well. But my favorite moment, my favorite win was actually Michelle Williams Shocker. If you've been watching our live segments, you know, I'm kind of obsessed with Michelle Williams. And I think she totally deserved it. I loved to see her win, get there and her speech to her daughter, so cute, which gets us into our next category, favorite speeches. And again here, I'm going to go with Michelle Williams, Shocker. There you go. I think she was so cute. I mean, I loved how she talked about her daughter Matilda inspiring her I think that she's just such a great speech giver and so well deserved. I love that she also gave a shout out to her friends, like Busy Phillips, who came along as her date once again and prove that she's not alone. Totally. Well, let's take a look at the speech in case you missed it. And to the person that I most want to thank is my daughter, my little girl, whose bravery and exuberance is the example that I take with me in my work and in my life. Alright, I just love her so much. Did either of you guys have a favorite? Well, I did actually. I thought Octavia Spencer gave such a sweet speech. She was, you know, funny, she talked about maybe falling off of her high heels, but I also really liked that she spoke to why so many people responded to The Help. She shared that really poignant quote from Martin Luther King Jr., which was very timely, as today is Martin Luther King Jr. day, and I just thought it was really touching. Well, let's take a look at it. Dr. King said it best labor that uplifts humanity, has dignity and importance and I thank you for Okay. Miley, what was your favorite speech? Well, on the opposite end of discussion there, I think Spencer. I loved George Clooney's speech. I mean, he gave a shout out to Brad Pitt and then he please thank Micheal Fassbender for his full frontal nudity scene in "Shame" and he actually followed it up with a pretty raunchy gesture that we didn't have to take another look at. Hey . Michael, honestly, if you can play golf like this, with your hands behind your back. Ok, so everyone was totally dying over George's speech, including myself, so funny. Which brings us to our last category, Funniest Moments, and my favorite funniest moment of the evening with Meryl Streep when she went up to accept her award, forgot her glasses and I can relate, I'm blind I can't see anything, I'm visually impaired so I feel her pain she went up there and the cutest part was that George actually had, George Clooney, had her glasses and was trying to get them up there to her via David Fincher. Right. But they never quite made it. Yeah, in the press room he was like once Meryl starts, you don't really want to interrupt her, so I just sort of passed the glasses off to David Fincher, like you're a director, you'll know what to do, but he chickened out too. Meryl never got her glasses. Somehow she got through it, though. Exactly. She knew what she was thinking, right? Exactly. What were your favorite moments, funny moments? Well, I loved when George Clooney came out with the cane, but I have to say my favorite funny moment was when Tina Fey talked about Amy Poehler. They were announcing the nominees in their category. When they said Amy's name, Tina just like crept up behind her, and was like, I'm behind you. It was amazing. There's nothing like a good photo bomb, especially at the Golden Globes, when you're accepting an award. For sure, come on. Now, I have to say my favorite moment was Madonna. Now, Ricky intimidates a lot of even huge stars but, I think that if there's anybody you can not intimidate, it is the queen of pop. Don't mess with Madge. No, no. And she proved that last night, because when he made a little jab about her being like a virgin, or maybe not so much, she had a pretty quick retort that she came back with. So, let's take a look at it now. If I'm still just like a virgin Ricky, then why don't you come over here and do something about it. I haven't kissed a girl in a few years. Well that wraps up our coverage of the Golden Globes, our favorite moments, and we hope you guys enjoyed it. Be sure to check out all the action from the after parties and the globes on Pop Sugar and Pop Sugar TV. And as you know, we are just getting started. We've got the SAG Awards in two weeks, and it's all leading up to Oscar night next month. So be sure to stay tuned, and we will see you next time.

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