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Grimm David Giuntoli and Silas Weir Mitchell Video Interview

Video: Grimm's David and Silas Talk Fairy Tales, Portland, and Runaway Success

We sat down with David Giuntoli and Silas Weir Mitchell of NBC's new hit Grimm to chat about their supernatural crime drama at the TCA tour in Pasadena, CA, recently. The two guys chatted with us about their expectations for the show, what it's been like to shoot in Portland, and their favorite episodes so far. Check out their cute banter and watch Grimm, which airs tonight at 9 p.m. on NBC!

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There all as cooky as the next one. Love and hate you know its the fine line. It's the same thing. Hey I am Molly I'm here with David and Silas from Grimm. All right guys, but first of all tell us a little bit about your characters on Grimm. I play Nick Burkhardt who's a detective from Portland. And, lo and behold, he finds in the pilot episode that he can see monsters from the Grimm's Fairy Tales because he's a direct descendant of the Grimms. My character is one of the creatures. I'm a bluebad. The Grimms were not writing fairy tales, they were profiling actual creatures. To everybody else, they would look like a man or a woman. But a Grimm can see the sort of mythical, dark monster that lives under the human mask. So Grimms are a threat to us. We're two sides of the same coin kind of because He's brand new to this world and I am trying to disavow my dark past. And of the episodes that have do you have a paper? I really like the three bad ones. Coming into the half a million years story. As much as a next guy really. Have you like to reading up ? No but, more or like i had in the beginning and now I just, kind of let it all come to me. And are there any stories that you're hoping to tackle? They're all as kooky as the next one, so come one, come all sort of. I mean, some are darker than others, some are funnier than others, but...But we twist them, so our writers twist them into what they want them to be and put their own Grimm spin on it. Like what other episodes are on the radar? A lot of violence coming a lot of fighting at one point I end up in an octagon cage fighting literaly. There is a grand fight club. I will have a shirt on no worries Are there any rules at the grand fight club? It's totally cool. Yeah. It's a great episode. Big episodes are coming up. Yeah. It's gonna be fun. That's very exciting. And so where do you guys shoot? Portland, Oregon. Have you spent any time there before? I hadn't. I drove through it once. That doesn't count. No, it doesn't count. Barely. Barely there. I got out of the car. Just saying. Doesn't count. So you guys seem like you guys... For now, thank you us. Doesn't matter.. Yes you guys have a good, good rapport with each other? We do. We have fun together. It's thinly veiled hate. Exactly. Love and hate, you know, it's a fine line. It's the same thing. It's fun to be sort of separated from the rest of the acting communities to be up in Portland. It's very nice cause you get to focus a little more, and when you're exhausted you get to go home and sleep and not have to go to you know, a baby shower. Totally. I love babies but I shower them with gifts enough. Were you guys expecting such like a great fan reaction when you first signed on to this? You never know what's going to happen with a TV show and you get the pilot and you kind of hope that that works out and then you hope you are not recasting you know. You are constantly auditioning for the job you get the job you shoot the pilot which is an audition for the network. And then you...we're okay. So we got picked up. And then you're gonna air. And we're gonna air one episode. Are they gonna like it? It's just's nice to have's like sick of thinking about what people think and its great and people love it and now we got the back nine and we can just go to work.

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