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Guess Mariah's Smell

Guess Mariah's Smell

Mariah loves getting bundled up in furry boots and puffy jackets so it's perfect that she would be spending her holiday in Aspen. She also gave a recent interview to Aspenpeak Magazine where she talked all about the things she likes to do in Aspen like wearing Santa Claus bikinis and rolling around in the snow. She also has a new scent in the works for Elizabeth Arden. Here's more:

AP: You have a lot in front of you.

MC: Another big priority is a fragrance I’m launching with Elizabeth Arden. It’s the first time I’ve ever done a fragrance. It’s been an amazing and creative process. You sit down with the “juice” companies, and then they show you the different scents. You then compose the scent. The process was very similar to writing a song. The fragrance is almost done, and next is the bottling and then the marketing campaign. The fragrance will come out in conjunction with a new album, which I’ll start working on right after Christmas.

AP: Is there a working title?

MC: There is, but I can’t tell you right now!

Celebs just love to do the perfume thing. Mariah is being so secretive about her scent's name. Can you guess what name Mariah will call her new smell?

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