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Gwen Stefani With Kingston and Zuma at Harajuku Mini Target Launch

Video: Gwen Stefani on Kingston's "Temperamental" Style and Her New Line

Gwen Stefani hosted a runway show for her Harajuku Mini line for Target over the weekend, where she walked hand in hand with sons Kingston and Zuma Rossdale. Gwen said the boys were a big inspiration for the collection, even though neither of them wants mom's help getting dressed. Hear what else Gwen had to say about her children's fashion style in PopSugar Rush!

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Hey there, I'm Karli Bulnes. Gwen Stefani opens up about Kingston and Zuma's personal style and how her boys helped her design her latest line. It's in PopSugar Rush! "Kingston is really tempermental with his fashion choices, so yeah, it just depends on what mood he's in." Gwen Stefani told us her 5-year-old son Kingston doesn't need style advice from mom anymore. "They dress themseleves and I try to edit their closets." In fact, the designer even consulted her kids when creating her new Japanese-inspired Harajuku Mini collection for Target. "If you were in my house when we were doing this, going back and forth to their rooms bringing their clothes out." At a launch event for the line in LA on Saturday, Gwen said she also brought out her own clothes and stage costumes for inspiration. "This is from a costume the actual fabric, same with the plaid you've seen this a hundred times on me, this is from a LAMB dress I wanted this to be a tiny version of things that I've done." Mini models rocked the runway in front of stars such as Maya Rudolph and Robin Thicke. Before the show, Gwen said she wasn't sure if Kingston would walk as he has in the past — "Twice Kingston has run out, last time I almost fell over, I didn't even know he was there, I was like in my moment and I turn around and he was right behind me... I said do you want to be in the show, and he was like yes, but who knows, he'll probably get here and be like no way." In the end, Kingston and brother Zuma did make a stylish appearance in head to toe Harajuku Mini, holding hands with mom for the show's finale. And from walking the runway, to walking the red carpet... later that night, Gwen went solo to the annual Museum of Contemporary Art gala, where we also spotted Nicole Richie. But unlike earlier in the day, fashion seemed far from Ms. Stefani's mind at this event— "Gwen, who are you wearing?/I'm not sure. It's been in my closet for a long time!" [will probably need to subtitle] "From fashion designers to artists to celebrities, the MOCA's annual gala always draws plenty of boldfaced names, tonight Debbie Harry will be giving a special performance before the crowd collaborates on an artistic project." As for another one of Gwen's artisitic projects, she says the next No Doubt album will be worth the wait, but it's taking longer than planned since all four band members are balancing parenthood with their rock star status. "We talk about a lot of singles that's why it's taking such a long time... it's been a long journey but that's probably becasue I'm a mother first." Gwen's Mini Harajuku line is in Traget stores now.

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