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Heidi Klum Talks Family at Her Babies R Us Launch (Video)

Video: Heidi Klum Talks Family, Fitness, and More at Babies"R"US

Heidi Klum was in NYC yesterday to launch her Truly Scrumptious collection, featuring kids clothes, furniture, and more, for Babies"R"Us. We caught a few minutes with Heidi to hear about how she's inspired by her four children, and how she schedules her year around what they need. She also dished out helpful tips for up-and-coming young women, and shared her number one tip for keeping her skin looking great. Check it out in today's PopSugar Rush!

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There's so many beautiful girls in the world, but I think that at the end of the day, it really is important that they fight more in order to get to the top. Heidi Klum shares her tips for success. Dishes on how her daughter, Leni inspires her and reveals the secret to looking so good. I'm Allie Merriam. Get the full story on today's PopSugar Rush. People don't just come and take you by the hand and say, "Come with me." And then we can find all these great jobs together. You really have to work on it too, you have to do a lot of castings, you have to take care of yourself, you have to be healthy and be nice to people so that they hopefully will book you again. Heidi's advice for young models could be used by women in any industry. We heard about that and more at the launch of Heidi's collection for Babies "R"' Us called Truly Scrumptious. It contains clothing and furniture. She told us one lady in her life, her oldest daughter, Leni, actually inspired one of the designs. Pieces specifically inspired by your kids or did they help sort of test drive the merchandise? Yeah, Like Leni, for example, she loves tutus. But I feel that there are so many tutus in stores already so I thought, how can I make this tutu different. So, I did like, little triangle kind of shapes that I can put around a mini skirt. Working with Babies "R" Us is just the latest project for Heidi, but despite having so much up in the air, she likes to keep her family in one place for as long as she can. I don't really travel that much anymore. I really don't. Like I come to New York for 3 months in the summertime when the kids are off school. And we basically more here for the summer. But otherwise I am pretty much based in LA becausethey go to school. And despite all the work, how does Heidi manage to stay healthy and look good? I think what is really important to drink a lot of water always, to be hydrated. I think that is number one for your skin, finding a good moisturizer. Eating right. Yeah. You are what you eat. There's a lot to that, for sure. Truly Scrumptious arrives in Babies "R" Us around the country and online September 15th. I'm Allie Merriam. Thanks for watching.

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