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The Hosts of Oh Sit! Talk Musical Chairs Interview (Video)

The Hosts of Oh Sit! on Their Manic Version of Musical Chairs

Oh Sit!, The CW's new game show, isn't for the faint of heart. When we talked to the three hosts, Jamie Kennedy, Tanika Ray, and Jessi Cruickshank, they filled us in on what viewers can expect from the grown-up take on musical chairs and what it takes to be a competitor. They also gave us the lowdown on the major musical acts that will be providing the soundtrack for the obstacle course. Oh Sit! premieres tonight on The CW at 8:00/7:00 Central.

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We'd like to see it's musical chairs on crack. Okay. For improvement That's cool. Is kicking things off for us. I think on our first or second episode. They are the LMFAO of Pacific Rim. Well do tell me, what is Oh Sit referring to in terms of the show. Okay, well literally, what you are doing right now, you're sitting really, really, well, it's musical chairs. Right. We all were obsessed with musical chairs right, we kinda play it real. Totally, I was pretty aggressive. Me too. Okay, there you go. Girl power. I was like, "Excuse me that's not your chair, isn't it?" This is that to the next degree. Okay. We like to say it's musical chairs on crack. I would say It's pretty much, I mean every kid grew up playing musical chairs. It is your ultimate childhood fantasy of musical chairs. She described it as musical chairs on crack. Is that right? I was gonna say on Molly, but There you go. Yeah. What would you say? The closest show it would be is like a Japanese game show. You got music, you got sexy men and women competing against each other physically, you got obstacle courses, you got drama, you got me and her doing jokes, because women, you know, every guy thinks, oh, I can beat a woman in basketball. Yeah, I can imagine, right? It makes them insane. And one guy knocked a girl. She fell on an obstacle back first and we had to kick him out. Yeah. And I was loving it because the next round, he didn't get kicked out in that round, it was just, you get a stern warning. Sure. The next round a girl checked him into the pool and he was out of there. It was payback. There's women that are very strong and it makes you realize that, yo, you better watch it. Tell me about the coolest obstacle that you've seen so far, or maybe the biggest failure of a contestant to achieve one of these obstacles. Well, okay. Well you guys have shot a lot of episodes so far it sounds like, so what it the craziest stunt Your obstacle course that you've seen so far? Our obstacle courses change five times an episode. Wow. There 's a mountain at the end with the one chair. I mean, it's crazy. Well it's not even about, sometimes it's not about them. It is about them versus the obstacles, because also them versus their other competitors. Okay. And what I love is that sometimes you see people, they're all running around the track together. And then there's this mountain thing with glycerin. There's big red balls, unlike other competition shows. Right. We won't name names. We won't name names. But they've got to climb through it. The balls don't hit the people. The people have to try like they look like salmon swimming upstream. I don't know exactly what the name of it is called, but it has dangling red balls. I did hear about this. It's the valley of dangling red balls, and they hit you in the face. Right. They hit you in the face, they hit you in the head. The new ads kinda poke fun at the name. Oh I haven't seen the new ads. Well you have to Right. You do it as well on the show. You're like, "Oh sit. What does that really, I think they're trying to say something else." I think so, I think there's a little bit of a double meaning going on. Come on. Think about all the things you can use "sit" for. Ooh sit, sitty situation, sit happens. Exactly. It goes on and on and on, but we had fun every step of the way. Well, like you said, I heard that there will be a different band each episode. Is that right? Yes. Who's coming up that you can tell us about? Well. Far East Movement. That's cool. Is kicking things of, but I think on our first or second episode. They are the LMFAO of the Pacific Rim. There's Chitty Bang. Chitty Bang. Wow. There's Kat Graham from Vampire Diaries. Exactly. Yes, she says in her own. That's some great news. She brought it up. Well, I want to know, like you said you're down on the floor with the contestants. Have you tried any of the suns? Maybe when the camera stopped rolling. We want to lie and say that we did do it but we so didn't do it. Here's the thing, we shot ten episodes in seven days walking to TV people. Wow. You gotta get it in, so as soon as we're like after the rappers they are like sweetie that stuff is gone. Yeah, well for somebody home who really wants to try that and experience what that is like, what can you tell them about how to get onto the show? What would your advice be? Look good in a wet onesie. Okay. Because everyone on our show, seems to be a theme, everyone makes us feel terrible about ourselves. They're all extremely good looking and in shape. If someone is watching this at home, how can they try to get on the show? All we know is that you know I've never been on a television show where I've been invested to that degree. Right. Where I'm going, I want to do that, oh, that can't be that hard. And if we, Jamie, Jesse and I, are thinking, well, I want to try that, I think it's something people are going to want to think they can do really well. We're thinking that

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