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The Hunger Games Cast Interview on Diet and Training

The Hunger Games Cast Talks Low-Carb Diets and Intense Training Regimens

The Hunger Games release date is just days away, but things aren't slowing down here at DistrictSugar! In the next week, we'll continue to bring you our exclusive coverage of the soon-to-be hit film with more interviews from the cast. PopSugar editor Lindsay Miller recently sat down with Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and Liam Hemsworth to talk about their intense training regimens. Josh joked about his low-carb diet while Jennifer revealed the behind-the-scenes moments she fears could end up on YouTube. Check it out and see The Hunger Games in theaters this Friday, March 23!

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Hello and welcome to District Sugar. Whatever you do, don't let them starve! Hunger Games stars Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and Liam Hemsworth went through a ton of training and dieting for their roles. PopSugar Editor Lindsay Miller has the story in today's special PopSugar Rush. Now Liam, you don't to do quite as much physical stuff in this movie yet, but did you do a little bit of the training with the rest of the cast. Yeah it wasn't stunts or action stuff. It was, I wanted to lose weight for my role and I I was eating a lot less, and I was training for about a month before we started shooting and, yeah, just trying to feel hungry and feel hunger, and... Right. and look hungry, you know? When on the other hand, Josh, I read that you said you were eating more so. Yeah, I kind of grew in the space a little bit. I had to put about 15 pounds and so it's a lot of eating like high protein stuff and low-carb, and I hate things low-carb, it sounds so [xx], like too light. Yeah, I'm on a low-carb diet and then, and yeah heavy lifting and whatnot, so that's kind of the extent of my training. Jennifer Lawrence had a tough training regiment, too. In addition to dieting, she had to learn how to sling an arrow and run from fire, so I've got to imagine as an actress, Katniss has to be an amazing role, because it's physically demanding, emotionally challenging, but There is something about the whole archery thing that was especially challenging. Yeah that was pretty fun. I had so much training before hand. And then I got there and the bows the arrows weighed like two pounds and I would aim and look all cool and I would shoot it and it would go "Ooe, poof". Now how long did you actually train? I was talking to Josh and he said it was a pretty long process, he was on a special diet, What about you? I got a lot of training. I did all of my dieting and all of that stuff before the shoot to kind of so we could all get the body and look that we all agreed was right and then I could just maintain it. Right. So that I wouldn't have to diet and work at the same time because that sucks. Yeah. Now I was reading a little bit too about the scene with the fire in the forest. And that a lot of that was actually real, Sure was! ...and they enhanced it after the fact. So what was that day on the set like, besides hot? Nerve-wracking, because I was standing there and then the stunt coordinator - everybody's like, everybody get back, get back, you have to be at least a hundred feet back, and I was, like, standing right in the middle of a (right), what about me? Didn't realize that the windmill trees caught on fire that they would explode (right) really loud noise, and I'm like a chihuahua, where loud noises scare me more than anything. So, they would call "Action!" and I was, like, screaming, and it looked pretty pathetic. It could actually be on YouTube of why ours is horrible. There you go. Thanks for watching, you can catch these guys and the Hunger Games this Friday.

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