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Hunger Games World Premiere Interviews (Video)

Video: The Hunger Games Cast Reveals Their Favorite Scenes — and Is the Sequel Already Underway?

The Hunger Games is upon us! PopSugar editor Lindsay Miller was live on the black carpet for the movie's world premiere last night, as Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, and the rest of the film's cast descended on LA. Check out our interviews with the stars as they discuss their favorite scenes in the movie — plus an update on the sequel!

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The Hunger Games cast talks their favorite scenes and why they love the book series. OnCam: Hi there, I'm Lauren Bradshaw, and we're taking you to last night's world premiere for the movie where we chatted with the stars in today's PopSugar Rush. JOSH HUTCHERSON: Live, oh my god, it's amazing! The Hunger Games is upon us! PopSugar editor Lindsay Miller was live on the black carpet for the movie's big premiere last night, as Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth — with girlfriend Miley Cyrus — and the rest of the film's cast descended on LA where fans were already waiting, eager to catch a glimpse of the stars. JACQUELINE EMERSON, Foxface: "It is psycho, completely surreal, I feel like I'm watching my body walk down the carpet." DAKOTA HOOD, District 10 Tribute: "Oh my gosh, I have chills, this is crazy." Star Jennifer Lawrence arrived in the midst of the chaos, wearing a gorgeous gold Prabal Gurung gown with sexy side cutouts, and we asked her if the hype surrounding the film gave her any extra pressure as an actor and role model . . . JENNIFER LAWRENCE, Katniss Everdeen: "It's definitely something I'm aware of, I haven't necessarily changed. I wasn't really that bad of a role model in the first place." [laughs] Jennifer had already screened the movie prior to the premiere, but 400 lucky fans also got to watch the film for the first time last night. LINDSAY MILLER, PopSugar Editor: "As you can see, there's a ton of fans behind me, a lot of people got here yesterday, camped overnight to try to get a ticket, and the movie is already outselling Twilight Eclipse with pre-sales, so Hunger Games already promises to be a huge hit." So we asked the cast, which scene did they think fans would be most excited to watch . . . LIAM HEMSWORTH, Gale Hawthorne: "My favorite character in the books was Haymitch. As a fan of the books, I was most excited to see what Woody Harrelson had done with it." JAQUELINE EMERSON, Foxface: "The initial, standing on the pedestals, running into the Cornucopia, I've heard it's amazing." AMANDLA STENBERG, Rue: "I think they'll be really excited to see shots of the Capitol and the bloodbath at the Cornucopia, because it's very thrilling and exciting." ALEXANDER LUDWIG, Cato: "I'm excited for fans to see Rue's death scene. It's sad, but it's very touching, and Rue and Amandla did an incredible job . . . " AMANDLA STENBERG, Rue: "I guess I'm excited to see that too, which is kind of strange." ANNIE THURMAN, District 9 Tribute: "I am excited to see the cave scenes." LINDSAY: "Do you think fans will be let down by the cave scene, or will it live up to their expectations? JOSH HUTCHERSON, Peeta Mellark: It lived up to my expectations. I love that scene, loved it in the book, loved it in the script, so I'm very proud of it. The movie is already poised to make over $100 million dollars in its opening, and of course, the books have devoted fans around the world. WES BENTLEY, Seneca Crane: "My parents are really excited about, and not just because I'm in it, they love the books, a lot of people who are very smart, it's a very smart audience . . . " STANLEY TUCCI, Caesar Flickerman: "I think people identify with Katniss, because she's such a compelling character, and she has such a true moral compass." 27:49-27:54 DAYO OKENIYI, Thresh: The story is based in the real world. It's real people dealing with real, dire situations . . . ELIZABETH BANKS, Effie Trinket: "I really love the books, and everyone I've introduced the books to loved the books, so I feel like it just started way back when and has blossomed into this." And it sounds like it won't be long until we have a follow-up to the movie to look forward to! Director Gary Ross says the second film in the series is already underway. GARY ROSS, Director: "We're already starting. I had a couple meetings last week. It's early, but that process is beginning. It seems like it's one long continuous process . . . You can see The Hunger Games when it comes to theaters next Friday, March 23.

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