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Hunter Parrish Talks Catching Fire Finnick Rumors (Video)

Weeds Star Hunter Parrish on the Finnick Rumors and His New Chapter as a Singer-Songwriter

Hunter Parrish has grown up on the Showtime series Weeds. Now, as the 25-year-old embarks on the show's eighth and final season, he's branching out with some new creative efforts all his own. Hunter recently released an EP called Guessing Games, a collection of heartfelt acoustic songs blending musical influences like James Taylor and John Mayer. On the acting front, Hunter's not hiding his desire to play Finnick Odair in Catching Fire after losing out on the role of Peeta to Josh Hutcherson. Hunter, who says he's a big fan of the book series, told us he'll "be there" in a heartbeat if he's offered the role. In the meantime, he weighed in on where he hopes things end for his Weeds character, Silas. Check out our chat with Hunter, and find Guessing Games on iTunes now.

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I loved Finnick when I was reading the books. If they'd like to consider me I'll be there. The stop smoking weed part is just not true. Hey everyone, I'm Lindsay from PopSugar and I am here today at the Gibson showroom in Beverly Hills with Hunter Parrish. How's it going? It's going awesome. Well tell me a little bit about this new EP that you put out. It's a six song EP of stuff I've been working on for the last few years, it's called Guessing Games. It's sort of a passion project for me. Right. Well when did you start writing songs? Originally? I wrote my first song when I was, like, eight. Wow! Ok. It was like really basic on the piano. But it had like five or six or seven verses. and then I learned that you can't do that. If you want your song played on the radio you have to have two. You've got kind of cut it down a little bit, self edit. that two-minute-thirty mark they like. So tell me about some of your musical influences. I didn't have a very good music education growing up. My parents I don't think I'd actually heard any of their music that they had growing up until I was like 16. Okay. They just were really, I dont know. It was a part of themselves that they didn't share. Now I, like, curse them. I'm like, "Hey mom I found this new band, the Beatles." They're like "yeah. that's not a new band, bud. Right. But I'm like "why didn't you show me any of this stuff?" But early on I fell in love with James Taylor. And I think that was what kick started my style of music. Of just that folky, sort of strict feel. So, I'm curious too because I know that you've said that you try to keep your singing and your acting separate. So what do you mean by that? I just think it's a tricky thing to balance. I never intended to really have two separate careers, and yet having them as one, it's a hard thing and I'd like to say that I still write songs about what my life is like being on television and things like that. Sure. Because that's my experience. Your experience. Yeah. Well when it comes to acting this is a pretty big year for you with Weeds coming to a close. And I know that's got to be pretty bittersweet, right? It is. It is. I mean, it's time. I'd be silly if I said that our show is laborious because we film three months out of the year and I have eight months off to go do other projects like the EP. Sure. And so it's given me so many gifts and the most amazing acting lessons from the incredible actors that I worked with. Well you kind of grew up on the TV show. over the years. So what was the most challenging aspect about it? Were there any awkward moments that you can recall? Yeah, I think the most awkward thing is Looking back on like, early footage going what, why do you look like that. What are you doing. Well nobody likes to look at pictures of themselves. Right it's like back in the old days when you used to play the answering machine and you would hear your voice and you would be like why do I sound like that? It's the same thing with acting, you look back and you're like that's what I look like, it's terrible. Now I know the producers have hinted a little bit about what's ahead for Silas this year. And I heard that he's going to stop smoking weed, and get a real job, how much do you know about that? Tthe stop smoking weed is just not true. Not going to happen, just impossible. But I do kind of get a real job, of sorts, and what, oddly though, I think this scene is more full of Silas and weed than any other scene, which I'm very okay with. It makes it sound sort of like he's going to be boring this year, but. He can't be boring. Far from that. That's not possible. Yeah. Just personally, as a fan of the show, as I'm sure you are too, where do you want to see Silas's story wrap up at the end of the season? I kind of want him to fall in love. Really? But that might just be a personal thing. Sure, yeah. I think what's important for the show is to end with the the family. Yeah. I know that we'll do that, we've already set it up for that this year, and I'm looking forward to that. Yeah. OK, so your name has come a lot attached to "Catching Fire" people think you would make a really great Finnick. Q: much you know about the books and the movies. A: Yeah, I have heard a little bit about them. I've read all the books, I'm a big fan, and I'm sort of involved in the earlier process for the first book a little bit. Q: With Peeta. A: With Peeta. Q: You have such a good attitude about that though, which I love, you said you kind of felt like you just wanted it too much it could... A: That's exactly right. I think maybe, you should never want anything too much in life. Q: Right. A: But I still am fascinated by the story. I think the story's so new and fresh. And I loved Finnick when I was reading the books as well. So, yeah if they'd love to consider me, I'll be there. To consider me, I mean, fans of the books you know there are so many great actors out there and it's nice to open up a thing or read Twitter and someone says you're the only person I for this role. That's really cool, so I'm so honored by that and then I look forward to going through the process with this film. Yeah. Now, also, I know your working full-length, so when do you expect that to be out for fans? I hope next spring, that would be the goal. But, again, with the two career thing, you kind of have to take, blow with wherever the wind blows in your sails. Right. So, If a film comes up, if I get the opportunity to do Hunger Games or anything else that takes me away from music, it'll be a journey.

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