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I'm a Huge Fan Jennifer Lopez: Episode 1

I'm a Huge Fan: Jennifer Lopez — Meet Our Winner and Join Her Backstage at American Idol!

Get excited to meet our latest I'm a Huge Fan winner, Margaret Depkin! Watch as she gets to meet and interview the star of What to Expect When You're Expecting, Jennifer Lopez. The movie hits theaters this Friday, and to celebrate we brought one fan on an exciting adventure to meet her idol, Jennifer. Come along as our lucky winner Margaret travels to LA for the first time and gets special access to a taping of American Idol — Margaret even interviews the contestants backstage after the show! Special thanks to Revolve Clothing for decking out our editor Lindsay Miller for her AI visit. Make sure to check back tomorrow to see Margaret work with one of J Lo's choreographers and see her transformation after an exciting styling session!

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Margaret is the lucky PopSugar fan who won the chance to meet her idol, Jennifer Lopez. To understand more about Jennifer, Margaret will attend a taping of American Idol, learn a dance routine from one of JLo's dancers, sit down with Jennifer's "What to Expect When You're Expecting" co-star Rodrigo Santoro, and get a fashion and beauty makeover, all before her big interview with Jennifer Lopez. Thank you so much for taking time with us today. I just wanted to give you a call and let you know that these decisions are always really hard for us to make about the winner. But we think we made the right one in choosing you as our Jennifer Lopez I'm a Huge Fan winner. Oh, my God! Well, congratulations! Thank you. Oh, my God. I'm going to cry 'til this goes over. I 'm Margaret Thepkin. I'm from Miami, Florida. This is my first time here in LA. And thank you to PopSugar for giving me the opportunity to meet my hero of a lifetime, Jennifer Lopez. My obsession happened of course as a teenager. I had skipped school and I was punished. I basically could only watch cassette tapes. I literally watched Selena every single day for two weeks straight. For some reason I could see a bit of myself in her. She fought so hard for the role of Selena and she finally got it and it paid off so well for her. And that kind of just inspires me to think big and go hard. Fashion is what I wanna do with my life. I just really enjoy making women feel fabulous about what they have on. I have no idea what's gonna happen this weekend. I got the bubble guts, anxiety, nervous, excited Hi, Margaret. Hi! How are you? Doing good. We have this lovely gift basket from our sponsor, Crest. So they've given you a few beauty products that you can have some fun with. I'm actually pretty familiar with some of them so I'm really excited to get it. Okay. It felt personal, like they hand picked it for me. I know that you're a huge fan of Jennifer's acting and her singing. But I'm wondering if you watch American Idol. I definitely do try to catch it every time I can. If not for the singing then definitely for her outfit. Well I have kind of a surprise for you. We're actually going to a taping of American Idol tonight. Oh, my goodness. It's not only do you get to watch the show, but afterward you're going to actually get to meet some of the contestants, so you can get a little insight intolike to work with Jennifer. Oh, my gosh. So you'll have this image of her obviously from the media and what's put out there for her image, but just what she's like as a real person and what she shares and what she tells them. I think it'll be really fun. I think so too. Let's just take some tissue just in case. I hope I'm composed and I'm well and I look all right and I look like I know what I'm doing because I am completely clueless. Yeah. Right now I'm in the paying my dues stage. And just knowing what she went through and the success she had just motivates me to continue. Here you go. Here it is. It's for real now. I'm really going. Being at American Idol knowing that millions of people watch it when the performances are going on and the focus isn't on the judges, you see them moving, you see them grooving, they're giving the energy. When they're leaning over and I disagree but it'sShe 's a little bit for caring. There's a little bit for entertainment. And you can tell that they have fun at work. Just to see that side of it, the behind the scenes, it's just so cool. It was even more amazing when my seat got moved literally right behind her. It just made that experience that much more enjoyable for me. It 's like I could smell the hairspray coming off of her hair. Behind the scenes, for me was probably the best part. It's something that not many people get to experience. Don 't be thinking ahead to your next question. Just be in the moment, enjoy it, have fun and I know you'll do a great job. Well, I will definitely try. How has her critique helped evolve you as an artist here on the show? Well, like last week she told me that she like wanted me to move more and stuff because I was wearing sneakers. But this time I was wearing high heels and I was moving on the stage. Hey! Hey. I don't think J-Lo's ever any negative feedback but she's really sweet to me and I love her so much. I'm gonna go further than the show. I think you're one of the best singers I've seen in 50 years. I mean it's crazy! Yeah, yeah. I try to get that connection with her, because oh my gosh, it's JLo, it's Jennifer Lopez. I think you're almost as big a fan as me. I am a stylist and I can say I absolutely j'adore your dress. Oh, well thank you so much. How are you feeling now? Well, now that it's over, you're not nervous anymore. Right, thank you. And I got some insight to, you know, kind of the inside life of what it's like to be JLo. But there's a lot more in store for you as I said. So hopefully you can catch up on some sleep tonight 'cause I know this was a crazy, whirlwind day. And there are a lot more surprises to come before actually let you meet Jennifer. So I hope you're up for it. Absolutely, I can't wait. After just showing up to the hotel, immediately going up, meeting Lindsay, and seeing has big basket of gifts and then immediately informed that I'm heading over to a taping. I'm just thinking, "Oh, my gosh. This is the first day in the first few hours. What else is in store?"

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ManateeC ManateeC 3 years
Amazing!  Love love love.  She laughs like Jennifer too - so cute.  :)  
shannon1ea shannon1ea 3 years
congrats to margaret...even though i was a finalist for this...she definitely was a great choice!  congrats...not bitter or jealous at all!  ;-)
hduval90 hduval90 3 years
Aw! I am so happy for Margaret :) That is really cool that she got to go to American Idol and interview the contestants! She seemed comfortable and not nervous at all! Her clothing is adorable!   I love seeing other IAHF's its making me very excited to see how mine (IAHF:KristenStewart) will look! :)    
Assistant-Community-Manager Assistant-Community-Manager 3 years
This is great and Margaret did such an amazing job interviewing the AI contestants! She's a natural.
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