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I'm a Huge Fan Jennifer Lopez: Episode 2

I'm a Huge Fan: Jennifer Lopez — Our Winner Gets a Shopping Spree and Learns to Dance Like J Lo!

Our I'm a Huge Fan: Jennifer Lopez contest winner Margaret already got backstage access at American Idol and even interviewed a few of the contestants, but there's more in store for her before she finally meets J Lo. Watch as Margaret gets the star treatment at Nordstrom, where she picks out the outfit that she'll wear when she interviews her idol. She also gets to step into J Lo's dancing shoes by learning a routine from one of J Lo's choreographers, J.R. Taylor. Special thanks to Nordstrom and Revolve Clothing and enjoy I'm a Huge Fan: Jennifer Lopez episode two. Make sure to check back tomorrow for the big moment when Margaret finally meets and interviews J Lo and make sure to see What to Expect When You're Expecting when it hits theaters tomorrow!

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Margaret is the lucky PopSugar fan who won the chance to meet her idol, Jennifer Lopez. To dive head first into the life of Jennifer, Margaret went to American Idol and interviewed the contestants To find out what working with Jennifer is really like, now Margaret is going on a shopping spree and will learn some moves from one of J.Lo's dancers. Never in a million years did I think I would ever be here. Just for it to actually follow through and everything happened. It's just surreal. Today is my second big day. I'm just keeping an open mind and I know any surprise will be a great one. She's going to be right here. Oh! Who just passed you? Jennifer Lopez! Oh my God! I got some insight to how her life is, behind the scenes. And even things that weren't planned, to see her in the midst of it was phenomenal. Hi! How are you? We are here at Nordstrom, as you can see, and we're going to be going inside so you can do a little shopping spree and pick out an outfit for your meeting with J.Lo. Oh my God! So, Margaret, this is Amy Nicole Bernstein. She's a stylist here in LA and She also co-founded the site, Wow! It's so nice to meet you! I'm so excited! Well, I hear you want to be a stylist. Oh, absolutely. I definitely in the arena, working forty. I kind of know me and J.Lo are similar, just in coming from humble beginning, and seeing the bigger picture, even on the night where we cried ourselves to sleep. We'd just always stick to it and the only way to get there is through hard work. I know you put together some amazing looks, which I've got to see. I'm going to go back there. Doyou want to try to some clothes on? Oh yeah, let's get started. Which do you think is your favorite so far?If I had to pick one, I think the first one. I am loving this. I feel like I'm channeling J-Lo. Of course I've got yet another surprise in store for you. Now we're going to participate in another aspect of J.Lo's career, you're going to meet J.R. Taylor, who is one of her choreographers and he is going to actually teach you a few dance moves inspired by J.Lo herself. I think Jennifer was really lucky to figure out by the age of five that she knew what she wanted to do mean with the dancing and singing? I even recall reading in her biography, how she called her mother because a lot girls were giving her a hard time and she was just looking for some reassurance from her mother when it's got the complete opposite. You're going to do good. You wanted this, so you go for it. You do it. Margaret, this is JR Taylor. How are you? And he has worked with Jennifer so many amazing projects, A Amaze, the new "Dance Again" video, which I know you're a fan of. I have to say literally like when it first came out on YouTube, I watched it like eight times in a row, so kudos So you and your [xx]. OK, that sounds good. And JR, you actually came straight here from rehearsing for her tour. Is that right? Yeah, I mean, like, literally just finished two minutes ago. A lot people get up and don't really love their job. I'm like living my dream, because when I was little this is what I wanted to do. We'd just go hang out and go out. I have to remember, damn I forget, she is famous. Because she makes me feel like,she's just a regular person. Well, since you like the "Dance Again" video, maybe we can do a little bit of that, as a breakdown? Whatever you'd like to do, I'm totally open, yeah. Yeah, we'll do dip and kick. Thank you so much, though. For what? For just... Thank you! Thank you for showing me I've got a little bit of her life with me, so thank you. I meet a lot of her fans, and you all make my day. JR is amazing! I can definitely see why Jennifer would want him around you know, not only just for his choreography but just his presence. He's so patient. Good I brought you something. Did you guys know he had a surprise for me? Oh! That's just my shirt. All the dancers, all of her dancers have these shirts, and It's the same. It says "Say it". If you go up to her.. SeeSaw [sp?], why'd you do that? I know. It's just all her then. We wear these shirts. If you wear, you're part of it. Thank you so much for this. You're an official J.Lo dancer, thank you so much. I think you should have been [xx]. Not everybody who gets to meet someone who they've idolized for long I'm just glad I can be a voice for so many other girls, too. Absolutely. Aw, you are magnificent. I should know, like... Oh, god. No crying. It's happy hour. It's all right. They're happy tears. How to face danger, just in a different version of people. Did she say that to her? I promise you, she'll laugh, because she'll know exactly what it is and she knows exactly where it's from. Ah, I'm ecstatic! I'm just so grateful, as it is. I can't even wait. I can't even imagine what else there is to surprise me with. This is enough For me, as it is, if you guys decided to send me home right now, I would be completely satisfied and happy.

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marcied23 marcied23 3 years
right, she is really genuinely happy about this! i love to see people getting to live a dream. also, love the outfit she picked and that jacket at the end with the gold chain detail...super cute.     
Assistant-Community-Manager Assistant-Community-Manager 3 years
OK, Margaret is officially the sweetest girl ever! I just love how grateful she is for all of the fun stuff she's doing... can't wait to see her meet JLo!
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