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I'm a Huge Fan: Jennifer Lopez Episode 3

I'm a Huge Fan: Jennifer Lopez — J Lo Talks Motherhood and How Hard Work Pays Off

The time has finally come for our I'm a Huge Fan: Jennifer Lopez winner, Margaret, to meet her favorite star! She already went backstage at American Idol and learned a few moves from one of J Lo's dancers and now she's prepping for the big moment. Watch as Margaret gets a makeover at Nine Zero One Salon and then practices her interview skills with J Lo's What the Expect When You're Expecting costar Rodrigo Santoro before sitting down with J Lo herself. Special thanks to Nine Zero One Salon, Oribe Hair Products, Lionsgate, and Revolve Clothing. We hope you enjoy the final episode of I'm a Huge Fan: Jennifer Lopez and make sure to see J Lo on the big screen in What to Expect When You're Expecting in theaters today!

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Margaret is the lucky Pop Sugar fan who won the chance to meet her idol, Jennifer Lopez. To learn more about Jennifer, Margaret went to American Idol, learned some moves from Jennifer's dancers and went on a shopping spree. Now the big day is here. Margaret will receive a beauty makeover and sit down with Jennifer's what to expect when you're expecting co-star, Rodrigo Santoro, all before meeting Jennifer Lopez, herself. My heart is beating fast now, today's the day the moment is now. I am alright. Hi. Okay. Oh my God even before we start I'm going to start crying. I have just waited for so long Hey, Margaret. How's it going? Hi! In addition to your Crest 3D-White products. We wanna have you looking and feeling your best for your interview today, so that's why we are here at 901 Salon. You're gonna get a hairstyling session with Marissa, who is part of Oribe's team. And I know that you know Oribe is Jennifer Lopez's personal hair stylist, so she's gonna get you all ready for your big interview today. Oh my gosh. Going through the motions, it's really going to hit me and then I think I'll get nervous. So, Margaret, as I said, Marrisa has worked really closely with Jennifer in the past and she's gonna be getting you ready. Okay . You want to go check it out? Being here is just such a surreal moment and not just being in a salon, but working with someone who has worked with Jennifer. Today, I'm gonna meet Jennifer, finally. I'm prepared, you know, with the questions that I have and I'm definitely going to go over a few with Lindsay and get her advice. How do you feel? so surreal. Like, I feel like crying just because you worked with her. What was it like working opposite to Jennifer Lopez? Oh, it was miserable. It was terrible. I bet. She's a great mother. She has a very beautiful heart and she really watch for her friends and she's really really a nice person. I'll let you have your own opinion on it but I think you're gonna agree with me. It was definitely a pleasure meeting you. Same here. I definitely feel like I know so much more about you. You know what? I feel your hands a little cold. You're nervous. Yeah, 'cause I'm so nervous. They're clammy! I was telling everybody that. That's great. You did very well being a journalist Thank you! Thank you, Love! Bye. The insight that he gave to meeting Jennifer just definitely helps ease my mind when meeting her. ready to meet my idol. Oh, my heart's beating fast now. I can hear her Right outside the door. I'm hoping I do well. Today's the day. The moment is now. Hi. Hi. How are you? Oh my God, before it even starts, I'm gonna start crying. Hi. You okay? I'm fine. It's been 15 years it has been so long. I argument to get ready for this. Thank you. I skipped school, and of course I got caught, but I did have your Celina tape on VHS and I literally watched it every day for two weeks And I never thought that I would get the opportunity to [xx] I'm just so happy that I got the opportunity. I'm so happy I'm a mess. I knew it would happen but You're gonna make me cry. Oh, by the way, I did see your movie. I got to see the screening of the new movie, which is hilarious. Oh, did you like it? I absolutely loved it. Being a mother. How was it playing a character that could not have children? It's funny because it to me like three years to get pregnant, that was kind of like the main thing that I felt like I could really understand about her, which is how badly she wanted a baby and how much she felt like it wasn't gonna happen for her. What advice would you give to an up and coming stylist like myself trying to break into the fashion industry? I mean, it's all about hard work I think. For me, that's what it was about. I went and I took dance classes and I offered my help to work at the desk so I could take all the free dance classes that I wanted. Because that's what I wanted to do. I think eventually hard work, dedication and a willingness to learn everything without any ego is what is really the recipe for success. Being a bod-egual myself, why do you find it so important to hold on to your Puerto Rican heritage and your Bronx upbringing? I'm glad you said that. Because I think this business can be kind of - throw people for a loop and you to really know where you are. And you really have to remember where you started, who you are and nobody can change that. What is the typical day in the life I'm Jennifer Lopez. Like what do you do from morning to night? Well, different days can be different, but for the most part I get up with the babies. You know, connect with them first. Right now I would go to rehearsal, like, 10:00, 9 or 10:00 in the morning. Workout first. We do a workout with a trainer first and all the dancers, and then from there we start rehearsing the numbers, or learning something new. And then I head over either to idle these days, or whatever other meetings I have. And then after Idol, sometimes I go back to rehearsal, or I just run straight home to put the babies to bed. Because there are days where, you know I'll see them for a minute in the morning, and by the time I get home at night they're asleep. Like, those days really hurt me. I'm like, 'Nope this cannot happen. This is too much in one day. I need to be there for them.' And that's the difficult part about being a working mom, but I'm not the first person to do it, so. You're one of the best interviews I'vehad in the whole junket. Thank you. I didn't want to do this- Ah! You're doing it again! Oh my God! No, I'm listening to you, but don't make me cry. I just want to say thank you because I have the opportunity to. Thank you. It means a lot to me. Thank you. How are you, Mark? A little bit cheerful. Yeah, I'm just trying to get myself together. Just seeing her, just seeing her and have her make that eye contact with me and connect with me. It's a big moment that I've really been waiting for it for a long time. Thank you so much for making my dream come true. My over view of this entire experience is I'm still surprised like me? Me?! A dream of mine is finally coming true and it goes to show how attainable things are in life. I am absolutely extra motivated After talking with her seeing what she does that radiates from just watching her, being a fan. But actually really seeing her and understanding it. It just puts that fire under my butt to really get it going. I guess as people we put ourselves in a box and she just goes to prove that anybody can have it.

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