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I'm a Huge Fan Kristen Bell Episode One

I'm a Huge Fan: Kristen Bell — Meet Our Winner and Watch Her Get a Fashion Makeover!

Meet Madison, our I'm a Huge Fan: Kristen Bell winner! Kristen's new movie, Hit and Run, is out now, and to celebrate it we brought one of her biggest fans out to LA for a weekend full of surprises culminating in getting to meet, and interview, her favorite actress, Kristen Bell. In episode one, Madison and her friend head to LA and get a first peek at what's in store before finally meeting Kristen. Watch Madison's fashion makeover and stay tuned for episode two — featuring a sloth! — and the big interview. Big thanks to M Cafe, Cusp by Neiman Marcus, and Revolve Clothing. Hit and Run is in theaters now!

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Hey Madison, how are you? Good how are you? I just wanted to call and just thank you one more time and let you know You won our Kristen Bell I'm a Huge Fan Contest. Serious? I am so serious. This is surreal, I can't believe, I never win anything. Madison is the lucky Pop Sugar Fan who won the chance to meet her favorite celebrity, Kristen Bell. To get to know Kristen better, Madison will meet her favorite animal, a sloth, record some Gossip Girl voice-overs, and get a makeover from Kristen's Glam Squad, all before her big interview with Kristen. I'm Madison Kuamy, I'm 23 and I'm a huge fan of Kristen Bell. This is my friend Janelle. And we've been friends for two years now, but is seems like forever. And it's our last weekend before school starts so time to get in the last bit of fun we can in the summer. Yeah. Right now I'm in law school and I'm about to start my third year. Actually graduated high school when I was 14 and then I graduated college when I was 19. And I'll have gotten my law degree before I turned 25. So I've always been a nerd back home. I'm just carrying around 25 pound book and never leaving the library except to maybe go see a Kristen Bell movie. She gets to play really smart, independent woman, and be a role model for young girls especially. I really connected with her in Veronica Mars. It was written over Grant's head. Veronica Mars is smarter than me. Oh, you stop. I think my favorite Kristen Bell with the sloth meltdown. Dax, her fiance got her a sloth and she starts crying. I didn't know how to process that because my entire life had been waiting for this moment. The way she talks on talk shows, even, she's just kind of unfiltered and real. Hi, how are you guys? Good. It's so nice to meet you in person. Thank you. So we thought it would be fun to actually come here to M cafe in Beverly Hills because Kristen's been a vegetarian since she was about 11 years old, so this is a great vegetarian restaurant. We thought it would fun to kick things off with lunch here and we can kind of talk a little bit about the crazy weekend that's ahead for you. So, how do you guys know each other. We are actually in law school together, our very last year. Congratulations. Yeah. The class we are missing on Monday to be here, we have together, so I don't know how we're going to explain both of us not being there. So, you haven't e-mailed your professor yet? No. I actually forgot something inside so I'm gonna run in and get it. I'll be right back out. Is that cool? Okay. What is that? So I actually a little surprise for you. Our friends at Sony wanted to give you this Vaio laptop. Awesome. So feel free to open it and take a look. As a law student, you can probably, definitely, use a new laptop, right? Yeah. It's so tiny. Yeah. It's really light too. I actually didn't bring mine with me either because it didn't fit in my bag. Well now you can check Facebook, you can Tweet. And it'll fit in my bag. Exactly, even better right? Awesome. Thank you so much. You're welcome. This is so exciting. Alright, let's pack this up and get ready and go. Great. Hey you guys, this is Allison, who you probably recognize she's our fashion reporter. Yeah. I hear you. Nice to meet you guys. Nice to meet you. Big fan Yeah, so here we are at casting Century City and we're going to get you an awesome outfit to go interview Kristen Bell in. I am a FabSugar fan so I do watch a lot of her videos on how to put different pieces together. What do you like about Kristen's style so much? I like that she tends to pick things that are kind of classic, crisp, clean. Very girly. Very girly, yeah. You're also in law school right? I am, yeah. Last year. Last year of law school. Okay. So we will get some awesome outfits that you can either use for law school and for your interview and all the other things in between. Great. This is it? This is it. Okay, final verdict. I love this, I think you made the right choice. Me too. Alright. Here you go. Good luck on your interview. Thank you. I'll see you guys later. Thanks Allison. Bye. Bye. This is so not my day to day life,my my life is kind of study, eat, sleep, study, eat, sleep, and repeat. This is kind of probably the most excitement I'll have all year. to have a role model out there that just says to accept it and just be okay with being a nerd and be okay with being smart. You can still be strong and independent and not need anyone. And she's just very self-accepting. That's meant a lot in my life. It's helped me be more accepting of myself I guess. Suddenly there's a sloth. I'm walking now to Kristen. My heart started pounding. Hi. Oh my god.

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