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I'm a Huge Fan Kristen Bell Episode Two

I'm a Huge Fan: Kristen Bell — Meeting a Sloth and Taking On Kristen's Gossip Girl Role!

Our lucky I'm a Huge Fan: Kristen Bell winner, Madison, is on her way to the experience of a lifetime. Madison and her friend were flown to LA and treated to a fashion makeover to find the perfect outfit for her Kristen Bell interview. Madison's next surprise is getting to meet Kristen's favorite animal — a sloth! Everyone remembers Kristen's famous sloth moment, so now see how Madison reacts to the adorable and unique animal. Next up, Madison is off to the studio where Kristen records her iconic Gossip Girl voice-overs. Special thanks to anefx and Revolve Clothing. Check out Hit and Run in theaters now. Enjoy the episode and don't go away, because Madison's big interview with Kristen Bell is around the corner!

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Madison is the lucky PopSugar fan who won the chance to meet her favorite celebrity, Kristen Bell. To kick off her journey, Madison visited one of Kristen's favorite LA restaurants, and got a fashion makeover. Now, Madison is going to meet Kristen's favorite animal, a sloth, and visit the voice over studio where Kristen records her lines for Gossip Girl. When I woke up on day two, I really had no idea what was planned for the whole day. So I didn't know how many surprises, I didn't know where they would be or what we would be doing. We're kind of getting out of the crazy hustle and bustle of LA right now. There was all these fences, and so much secrecy, so it kinds of amps up the nerves. I'm feeling like there's a sloth nearby. Really? Feeling the sloth. Based on, if I were going to experience an epic Kristen Bell moment that would probably be a sloth. Probably. In some way. Well, I'm not telling you anything. Hey, how are you guys? Hi. This is Mattie and Janelle. Hi. Nice to meet you. So, I hear that you guys are big fans of Kristen Bell, and Kristen Bell loves sloths. So we actually are going to have you meet a sloth today. Awesome. We called it. And then suddenly, there's a sloth. It was very exciting. Even her car seat, she has bars inside so she can hang upside down. Wow. But they can't walk, per se. Because if you can see, their feet and their hands are very hooked. They lack the actual muscles to walk, so when they're on the ground, it's more of, like, they're using their claws to pull their bodies forward. Bananas and corn on the cob. Right. That's the breakfast of champions. No wonder she only weighs 8 pounds. You hungry? Oh there we go. You guys have obviously seen Kristen's sloth video too right? Yes. Yes. It 's amazing to just see people's reaction to these animals. Yeah. 'Cause I mean, we're obviously animal lovers, and it's wonderful to share that with other people too. Alright, this is your final goodbye with Lola. Bye, Lola. I'll tell Kristen hi for you. Yeah. Bye. Just trying to escape. I think this experience has kind of given me some passion for sloths I didn't know that I had. I can see why she loves them. So, like after meeting Lola after yesterday and kind of picking out this interview outfit, did either of those things, in a way, make you feel more prepared for something or make you a little bit less nervous about actually sitting down with her? These all of the activities have been really fun because it's definitely helping me build a fuller picture about who Kristen Bell is Yeah. More than just who I think she is by watching her on talk shows or whatever. Okay so take a look around. Gossip Girl. Of course Kristen Bell is the voice of Gossip Girl. Hi. And here he is. I'm Vince I'm the sound supervisor of Gossip Girl. Madison, nice to meet you. Yeah, basically, I've recorded every line of Gossip Girl ADR right here with Kristen. She's super cool and super nice, and She's a total pro. Cool. So, she's going to actually get to voice an episode of Gossip Girl? Totally. We'll lay it down with the music and everything else, and we'll play it back for you. That's pretty cool. That's awesome. Wow. Are you up for it? Yeah. Spotted, S and B discovering the joys of film making, smile for your close up, Juliet. Great. We're still open. Give me one more and smile a little more on that last line. Okay. Spotted, S and B discovering the joys of film making. Smile for your closeup, Juliet. Better watch out kids, trouble's moving in, and it's looking to make the Upper East Side its bitch. XOXO, Gossip Girl. Great job. Give me a minute and I'll cut it all in. Okay. You really hit that last line. I liked it. The last one was the most fun. Bitch. Ready for the big playback? Yes. Alright, here it is with music. Cool. Rumor has it that S and B changed the relationship status from besties to roomies. Better watch out kids, troubles moving in, and it's looking to make the Upper Eastside it's bitch. XOXO, Gossip Girl. [music plays] Oh my god that was awesome That sounded better than I remember at... when I said it. I'm not kidding, but when he first started playing it back, I thought he was accidentally playing Kristen's version. That's how great he did. Well, it was a great job. You did a fantastic job. Any advice on on questions you think I should ask her. Her charity work and all the stuff she does across the world, honestly, is pretty amazing. The last time I talked to her, Kristen was about to go to Africa Africa to go on the rain forest and hunt chimpanzees. And I was worried that she was going to come back with no arms because a chimpanzee was going to rip her arms off. So I guess, a couple of weeks before for that, she was in a cage in South Africa swimming with sharks. Wow. So not scared of much then I guess? No, not scared of much. You know, she's pretty adventurous truce, but yet, still super chill. And that's Kristen, or K. Bell as we call her. K. Bell? Yeah. Have fun with Kristen tomorrow. Thank you. This is so fun. It's cool to kind of put together ...all these pieces of who I thought she was and kind of get more of a feel of who she really is and that she is as genuine as I thought she was, and to be able to have a conversation like that one on one... it's going to be really cool. Are you going to talk to your mom today? Yes. Hopefully I'm going to get to Skype her. Maybe even from my new computer. Well, you have a lot to fill her in on then, right? Yeah. She's going to be excited. [beeping sound] hey mom. Hi mad how are you? I've had such a... a great day. I'm calling you on my new laptop. So today, we got to go hang out with some sloths. Lola the sloth. Lola the sloth? She was pretty cool. I got to feed her sweet potatoes. [xx] Well they're gonna get here pretty early and then there's some surprises, and then I have my interview. I have to get ready, get questions ready I guess. You'll do fine. Um hopefully, [laughs] cross your fingers for me. [xx] So, I should probably go, I think. Because we got to go get ready for tonight, but I just wanted to call and say hi. I love you I love you too Can't wait to hear it all, bye. Bye. Hi, Oh my god, I got to hang out with Lola. That's so cool... did you love her?

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