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Interview With Jennifer Aspen of GCB (Video)

GCB's Jennifer Aspen Talks Sharon's Revenge and Being a Southern Girl at Heart

As Sharon Peacham on GCB, Jennifer Aspen has been getting the short end of the stick from both her circle of frenemies and her cheating husband, but Jennifer promises things are about to take a turn. The hilarious actress stopped by PopSugar studios in LA recently to talk about this Sunday's installment of the ABC series. She told us that as the season goes on, Sharon will take a little revenge on those who have taken advantage of her and confront her husband and her high-school nemesis Amanda. We also chatted with Jennifer about taking a lesson from the Brad Pitt school of acting — Sharon is seen eating in most of her scenes — and her infatuation with costar Kristin Chenoweth. Check out our chat and tune into GCB this Sunday night at 10/9 Central!

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that little hussy snakes it away from me -- Amanda. And then I got to go after her, I got to take her down. And I ate my way through Dallas. And I put on a bunch of weight. I have some breasts's and some hips's and some butts's Hey guys, it's Lindsey from Popsugar and I'm here to stay with the lovely Jennifer Aspen from GCB. Hi. Hey, how's it going? So incredible, so, so excited. Poor Sharon, she was such a punching bag. Yep. How is that going to progress as the season goes on? Here's the thing. This little twat has come back and her name's Amanda, and she's trying to pretend she's a nice person now. However -- You're buying it. No, we're not buying it, how do you go from being such an evil, evil horrendous person? And then she comes back and she kisses my husband. And this coming episode is when it all unravels. So are we gonna see a little bit of a stronger side to Sharon as the season goes on? Yeah absolutely, you're gonna find Sharon actually find her individuality and what she wants to do. She's kind of like woman who has done for others, and she finds herself in like, wait, where am I? My husband's kissing a twat, I'm not really where I want to be, I haven't chased any dreams, and what are those, and let me go for them in the most humorous way possible. Right, you know, we've seen your character so far kind of have this struggle with her husband. Are they gonna have a confrontation? Oh yeah. Okay. This is where it all goes down between my husband and I, and Amanda actually helps facilitate us to come together and actually talk about it. Because Amanda is sick of being the brunt of the responsibility for this going wrong. So this all comes into a big explosion. Very emotional, huge physical comedy, chili's involved, craziness goes on, but this is where it all comes to a head with my husband and I confront him about kissing Amanda. Right. Now you are a tiny lady. I love you. It's true though, so how do you kind of play Sharon, who's supposed to be chubby. I mean, that's a lot of her story line in the first episode. Yeah. Well, here's the thing, I got the job when I was this size and I was like: no, I'm not putting this on TV and calling this the chubby girl. Right. Because the script is as it says. That's not the character. So, I started eating and I ate my way through Dallas and I put on a bunch of weight, and then additionally, no Spanx. And then additionally, padding Right. OK. to really round it out. To have some breasts and hips and some butts. Now I wanted to ask you too: You know, your character is always eating. How is she not in a comma from all of the sugar. Oh, here's the secret. I don't eat sugar. In life, I don't eat sugar. OK. They had to customize every object of food that I put in my mouth. Wow. That chocolate bar is a custom made, from scratch chocolate bar with no sugar. What did that taste like? Not great. Now I know too that you and Kristen have gotten really close, but you didn't meet before the show correct? No, we didn't. We met right before the table-read in Dallas, and we were sitting next to each other, and I just felt, I don't know, like this loving glow about this person from the beginning. And she was feeling the same way. And then, it was awkward because we were both like: Is she as much as in love with her as I am. Right. Now, you're from the South yourself though right? Virginia? Would you qualify that as the South? Oh, Richmond Virginia is the South. Don't try to tell anybody otherwise at all. Right. I was born in Richmond, Virginia, and moved away as a toddler. I don't know what it is but the South feels like home to me. So is there anything about Sharon's character that you can kind of relate to, or any traits that you think you share with her? Since the show has premiered, I have become a stress eater. What's going on when I'm constantly like: Where's the closest Chipotle? I love that she has this urge to make everything beautiful. Yeah, I usually aspire to be like my characters, unless they're like psycho. Right. Amanda's character has been through a lot. We kind of get the sense, she's giving off a vibe that she's changed a little bit since high school. Giving off a vibe, that's a good way of saying it. But your church is not on board with this. No! Cause she kissed my husband. I have been selected to be Carlene's maid of honor for the first time, and that little hussy snakes it away from me -- Amanda, and then I got to go after her. I got to take her out. That way. And I twirl knives in her face. A whole lot of things go down. Knives come out? Oh yeah, knives come out. Well because I'm Miss North Texas and I can skin a rabbit in the fastest time in all of Dallas. As part of the bridal shower, okay, we go on a private jet on a hunting trip in full camo. What's been one of the most fun memories you've had shooting? This one episode, this Gone With The Wind Carlene's vow renewal, that's like a full wedding episode. I got that script at like ten o'clock at night and I couldn't sleep till six in the morning. I was so excited to shoot it. Really? Yeah. We were in like full hoop skirts. Oh wow! Those are uncomfortable though, right? They weigh like a million pounds? No, no. It doesn't even matter if it's uncomfortable. It's the dream of my life. so I was like floating around in this thing. I thought it was heaven. Well it sounds like there's a lot of great stuff ahead as the season goes on. Jennifer thank you so much for stopping by today. Thank you. And be sure to turn in for the next episode of GCB at 10/9 Central on ABC this Sunday.

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