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Interview With Kristen Bell on Big Miracle (Video)

Kristen Bell Reveals the Big Miracle Moment That Made Her Feel "Insignificant"

In Big Miracle, Kristen Bell plays a young but driven reporter sent to cover a major story unfolding in the Alaskan wilderness. When we recently met with Kristen in LA to talk about the movie, which filmed on location just outside of Anchorage, she told us she was up for the challenges the role presented. Not only did she grow up in Detroit, where the Winters are notoriously harsh, but as an actress, she said she could relate to her character's ambition as well as her career setbacks. Kristen also talked about what it was like to be caught in an onscreen love triangle between Drew Barrymore and her longtime friend John Krasinski, and a magical moment during the shoot that left her feeling "insignificant." Check out our interview and stay tuned later this week to see Kristen's costar, Drew, in our latest episodes of I'm a Huge Fan!

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her aggression was easy for me to emphasize with. There's no way to articulate how cool it in comparison to the rest of the world. So you play a reporter, Jill, in this movie. Did you model her after any real life anchors. I watched a lot of news anchors from the day that reported on this and then sort of fused that into what I feel like a woman who was attempting to legitimize her career and say, yes, females can be anchors, I can be an anchor, I deserve to move up in this business. Because there were no poritions available. There wasn't journalistic jobs around every corner. There were three TV stations and six anchors in the whole city. So, I tried to just infuse her with all all of the aggressive dedication young took. So could you relate a little bit to her ambition, she'll really do anything try to get the story in this film. Her aggression was sort of, easy with me to empathize with. Becoming an on-camera journalist is very similar to becoming actor. There's a lot of rejection involved. Every piece is sort of an audition. So I definitely understood how she could put so much stock in my whole career depends on this story, because as an actor you feel that way about every other project. Oh, my entire career depends on getting this movie. It never does. That's the reality of it, but you so easily swept away in that thought. You are kind of caught in a bit of a love-triangle with John and Drew in the film. But I know that you and John are good friends off the screen. So do you give each other a hard time? some of your flirtatious moments. The great thing was that Drew's character was so down to earth and legitimate in the movie and my character was so sort of flippant and, and, and self interested. So the few times we did get to have scenes together where we made eye contact. I didn't even consider her character. She's not Right. in Jill Gerard's scope. Jill is only concerned with herself in the story, but Drew's character is so self aware and compassionate. The times where I love the cutaways, where Drew just kinda rolls her eyes at Jill Gerard, it's really priceless. Tell me a little bit too, about filming in a Alaska. Where you prepared for how rough the shoot was going to be? I grew up in Detroit and it is very, very cold in the winter was there. So I have adequate cold weather gear. I like being bundled. I like being cozy. It just makes you feel like your it's wonderful and I love wildlife. So I was actually really excited. It was an extraordinary experience to be exposed to such untouched land. Yeah. Did you guys have any cool experiences with the wildlife around the area. I mean, obviously I know the whales were puppets, but were there any other moments where you got to interact with the wildlife? Yeah, you know, there's wildlife around every corner, I mean, there's a lot sort of sanctuary areas that you can you and hope to see a grizzly bear. I was driving down the coast, down the seaward and looked out my window and there were like five little belugas just surfacing and playing with each other and there's no way to articulate how cool it feels, because part of you goes, oh, how insignificant is my life in comparison to the rest of the world. Like, these belugas have a life. Right. They have stuff to do today. You know what I mean? But I did get to visit the Aquatic Life Center in Seward and get a tour of all of the seals and sea lions and otters that were either injured and rescued and how they're rehabilitate them and that was really cool. It just kind of put you in your place and, and it doesn't make you feel small. It makes you feel like a part of a working machine.

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