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Isla Fisher on Conan (Video)

Video: Isla Fisher's Bachelorette Tale — She Took Her Mom to a Strip Club!

Isla Fisher has a role in next Friday's Bachelorette, and it turns out she has some familiarity with wild prewedding parties. On Conan last night, Isla spoke about how she partied before her own mom's nuptials — and things even included a dog collar. Plus, hear Isla talk about her embarrassing husband, Sacha Baron Cohen, in today's PopSugar Rush.

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I threw my mother a bachelorette party right before she got married, and I took her to a strip club. Isla Fisher shared her racy real life experience celebrating a bride, her own mom, on Conan. Hi, I'm Allie Merriam. We have Isla's story in today's PopSugar Rush, and Isla, star of the new movie, Bachelorette also dished on her embarrassing husband Sasha Baron Cohen. I threw my mother a bachelorette party right before she got married and I took her to a strip club. I, for some reason dressed her in a red leather dog's collar. And I didn't know they took off all their clothes. I thought they stayed in shorts, and it was very, I know, I know. No, now wait a minute, wait a minute. They don't take off all their clothes. Oh, well, they did. Stars alongside Kirsten Dunst and Lizzie Caplan in the upcoming comedy Bachelorette, which is a rather dark look at bride to be debauchery. Isla was once herself a bachelorette. She married her funny guy, Sacha in Paris during March of 2010. Their happy marriage has so far produced two daughters. But Isla told Conan about one particular drawback about being married to a controversial comedienne like Sacha. To be honest Conan, there are a lot of social faux pas. I mean someone who professionally probably doesn't. He doesn't feel the embarrassment the way the rest of us do right. No, no, he really doesn't. Yeah. He really doesn't. So he's gonna finish you in this town. Yeah, he has already. Faux pas aside, Sacha helped lead Isla to a career in comedy. She told Chelsea Handler last week that it was actually Sacha's rather biased advice that led her to audition for her role in the 2005 movie Wedding Crashers. He said I think you should do comedy. I think you're really funny, which is very sweet. But he was sleeping with me, so obviously he lied to me. But I said, "Okay, I'll try that." And my first audition was Wedding Crashers and now I get to do comedies. Bachelorette arrives in movie theaters on September 7th and is available On Demand now. I'm Allie Merriam. Thanks for watching.

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