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JB Smoove From Bent Video Interview

Video: Bent's JB Smoove Talks Fantasy Women, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Improv

JB Smoove may best be known for his work as Leon in Curb Your Enthusiasm, but he's ready to show off his latest larger-than-life character in the new NBC comedy Bent. We sat down with the hilarious actor to hear about working on the show and how it's different than everything he's done before, all while doling out some sage life advice. Plus, find out what's next for Leon on Curb. Watch our chat now and check out Bent when it debuts on NBC Wednesday, March 21!

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no one's running around with whipped cream on their doing like woo-woo-woo-woo, doing something crazy you know what I mean? Now it's called 'Bent' for a reason because everyone on the show has been through scomething. So, JB, tell us a little bit about your new show 'Bent'. Oh you know it's amazing how once in a while as an actor you find yourself you know, on a project that seemingly fits you perfectly. I play this electrician who's, you know, I call it a clean quality. That means everything I do has to be perfect. You know, I don't like to do a half-assed job. When I'm wiring a house, I'm wiring it because, you know, I'm wiring it because this is my craft. I think the cool thing about this show is it also reflects on - it's called Bent for a reason, because everyone on the show has been through something. A lot of the time you get these slapstick comedies. You know this is not slapstick. You know, no one's running around with whipped cream on their face doing like woo-woo-woo-woo, doing something crazy. You don't be playing around with power tools. A lot of power tools on the set. If you can't play around with power tools, you can get yourself hurt playing around with power tools, you know what I mean? You're cutting something, man. I mean you can't turn your head, people calling your name. Hey, hey, hey, what's up, man? Your arm comes off. You know, you can't play around. You're playing with actual tools on the set? Of course we do. The realism is what makes the show perfect. You know what I mean? I mean you can't play around with fake tools. Come on. People know what's fake. People will see the plug that's not plugged in, come on. You got to plug it in turn it on. It's real for me I don't play around. So compare this character and the Curb Your Enthusiasm character a little bit. Two different guys. See people take what Leon says, you know, very seriously. These people are avid. I mean, they love Leon. Got a lot of wisdom. You got a lot of wisdom. So that kind of character different from my character I'm playing on Bent. On Bent, I'm more grounded, I've got responsibilities, but the Leon character has no responsibility. He's living day to day. Are we gonna get to know his back story a little bit, meet the family? I would think you have to vision for the wife and child? I don't think you need a vision. Some things you're not supposed to see. You know what I mean? Like leprechauns, right? You ever see a leprechaun. People see rainbows all the time, but have you ever followed a lame rainbow and looked over there and looked for a pot of gold and a leprechaun dancing around. Just knowing that there's a possibility of a leprechaun over there dancing around a pot of gold. It 's very intriguing. So you don't have a dream actress to play your wife? Oh, was in your head, see? Okay. See, in your head you can create anything. Or you know, this is better to me to paint a picture. Sometimes it's easier to paint a picture, because then, I'm painting the picture, I'm the artist. I'm painting a picture of how she would look, you know. And I'm giving it to the audience. I'm describing her to you and you'll say, "Wow, she sounds amazing." She sounds amazing. She sounds amazing. See that? See that? She sounds amazing. See that? She sounds amazing. So, what's next for Leon on Curb? Who knows. You know, the guy is a blank piece of paper. He lives day to day. I think everybody knows a guy like Leon. He's like a condom in you wallet you know what I mean. You all know about that. But he's like a condom in your wallet. You pull him out when you need him, you know what I mean. He's a guy that want to help you to get good bad advice. Do you have room for improv on the set of Bent? There's always room for improv, you know even if you take it, sometimes you have to take improv. Got it. Let me tell you what they do, they give you a script and lines, but sometimes in the moment you could take it sometimes. I think the pilot was hilarious. You guys are having fun on set? We are having a ball. I mean an amazing show. I think it's going to surprise a lot of people. It's gonna be great.

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Lizzie-Fuhr Lizzie-Fuhr 3 years
Can't wait to see JB in Bent! He is always hysterical and stealing the scene in Curb. 
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