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Jake Johnson Safety Not Guaranteed Interview (Video)

Jake Johnson on Playing a Jerk and New Girl's Next Season

Jake Johnson has become one of our favorite characters on TV as Nick on New Girl, but the actor and comedian is branching out with his movie career with his latest big-screen project, Safety Not Guaranteed, hitting theaters this weekend. We met up with Jake at a recent press day for the film in LA to talk about his not-so-nice character in the film, working with his multitalented costars Aubrey Plaza and Mark Duplass, and what's in store for Nick on next season of his FOX hit. Hint: we haven't seen the last of Nick's ex-girlfriend Caroline! Check out our interview with Jake and find Safety Not Guaranteed in select cities beginning June 8.

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more and more, where there's the new generations that are coming up are better with technology than I am. They 're more into their phones than I am. They're better at Twitter than I am. I think Nick is enough of a dish rag. Did you see him fall and They keep going back. They keep going back to the well. This movie wasn't exactly what I expected because a lot of the Internet clips and all of that based on this ad were kinda mean. They were kinda making fun of it and this movie is really sentimental in a way. Yeah, I think this movie's got a lot of laughs but also a lot of heart. Yeah. Is that something that attracted you to the script when you first saw it? Yeah, I think, what I really liked about the script, I read it, you just read your own character and you see if you wanna play him, and what I really liked about Jeff is, although the movie is very sweet I don't think Jeff is very sweet. He's not. And I like that about him. That's why I was excited to play him and kind of see, I was excited for that storyline and then I know Aubrey was doing it and I'd been a fan of hers for awhile and I was excited to work with the director and it all worked out. Well, speaking of your character, he's kind of definitely freaked out by the idea of getting older. That's right. A little bit stuck in the past, so could you, I mean was there anything you could find to relate to on any level with him? Well, absolutely. I think we all are, right? I mean let's be honest with ourselves, we're getting older. And when you get older you get closer to your death. That's true. Yeah. I feel that a lot and I feel it more and more where there's the new generations that are coming up are better with technology than I am, they're more into their phones than I am, they better twitter than I am. They can all edit their own movies on their phones. Right. And I did come from a school of acting before YouTube. You know, when I was performing on stages in New York with, you know, the group I was in, the Midwesterners, we didn't make videos that we run on YouTube. We had flyers that we handed out in Times Square trying to get 20 people there so we wouldn't have to pay the theater. And so, yeah, I know I'm getting older, because I watch these new guys coming up and coming up and the 18-year-olds are just. Right. It's a whole different game for them. It's a whole different world. Now tell me a little about working with Mark too. He's so great in this movie. I think Mark is an extremely talented writer,actor, director, producer, everything. Yeah. And so working with him was great because I got to pick his brain a little bit. He's very smart. Any sort of insights specifically that you got from him? I think I just really liked the way he sees the making of movies. He produced this movie. So while we were shooting, he was also producing. And the way he kind of thinks out side of the box at times was really, you know, refreshing to hear. Yeah. Now I've got to tell you that New Girl is the most quoted show around our office like hands down. Oh, nice. Cool. So I'm wondering if there was a moment or a scene from this last season that was actually the funniest or the most fun for you guys as a cast to shoot? Well, I think it's probably all different for all of us 'cause we don't do too many where it's all five of us together. Right. Probably the most fun I had shooting was the three-way with Zooey and the landlord. That was a lot of fun to shoot down. Really sexy. That's not how I'd describe it, but thank you. Yeah, that was perfectly awkward, but it was great. Yeah . That was a lot of fun. But there's a lot, you know, like, Max and I had a really fun time when we did the real app stuff and we were pitching to Russell. And then there was a scene he and I did in the bed that we had a lot of fun with. Lamorne and I have had a lot of really fun stuff on the roof where Lamorne's character and I, we get to fight a little bit and then make up, and that's always fun. And Hannah who plays Cece obviously, she and I had had zero scenes together. Exactly, I know. Hopefully, that changes next week. Yeah. Well, I think it will because we are on opposite sides of the cast. Meet in the middle. We meet in the middle sometimes. But I would like to see what happens with Cece and Nick and if they have any kind of friendship. Absolutely. Do you think we've seen the last of Caroline at this point? No. No? She'll be back? I think Nick is enough of a dishrag. You'll see him falling again. We'll keep going back. We'll keep going back to the well. Now last question, I heard you actually just sold a show to Fox with the ratings partner. I did. We sold that one before but that same writing partner and I just sold a movie to Warner Brothers. Oh, very cool. What can you tell me about that? It's Gary Rodney Rocklin, the verywriter producer is gonna be writing it. It's based off an original idea Max Winkler and I had. He directed a movie called Ceremony. Right. He's attached to direct and Steve Carell is attached to be in it and I'm attached be in it. It's about a bunch of guys that start their own mafia and that mafia works. Amazing, with Steve Carell and you Okay, I can picture it. And we could get, if it happens, we get a nice cast

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