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Jamie Bell Genesis Rodriguez Man on a Ledge Interview

Video: Jamie Bell and Genesis Rodriguez Laugh, Joke, and Talk Stripping Down For Man on a Ledge

Jamie Bell and Genesis Rodriguez bring the heat and the humor to the upcoming Man on a Ledge, and the hot onscreen couple did not disappoint when we sat down at their recent press junket in Beverly Hills. Jamie is an old pro at this point, but newcomer Genesis held her own on the big screen, and she was the one who had the hard task of stripping down for the cameras. We chatted about how Jamie helped protect her during that risqué scene and how much fun they had together on set. Check out our chat and see Man on a Ledge when it comes out Jan. 27.

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He's the best. No you're the best, we all know you are. You are. No, you are. I don't like generally taking off my [music] Of course Even if have a lot of fun together? Do you had fun making this movie together? I had a great time. I had It was an amazing time, because I got to do this things that I wasn't use to doing and I got to do with the great guy. He's like the best, You're the best. I saw well, thats so awful like, if I was watching that probably puke at this point. Yes. -- any legends, you did get to do some really fun stunts, I'll give you that I mean for us it was about actually making these characters kind of very normal people. Yes. Into very kind of normal relationship that was kind of like kind of committed not committed like right on the verge of being committed, and and doing this kind of very extraordinary things in a, kind of, very high stakes mission and being, kind of, completely ill equipped to do them. And I have to ask, you get to wear not very much in some parts of that movie. Were you totally nervous for that? Are you kidding? It was just like the worst experience. It's the worst, I mean. But you look amazing, you look amazing. No thank you, thank you, because that took a lot of work. That's why it doesn't happen over night. It was like a lot of training and I didn't eat that day. I literally was passing out at one moment. I was like, I was turning pale Jamie was like, "are you okay, are you okay? Are you okay?" Yeah. Could we get this shot please? So, we got the shot and I had a double cheeseburger and two fries and then I continued some actions but I had a bit of a stomach ache. nah, it was a little too much. But did you actually train for that, were you at the gym? I was at the gym. I was with Dude you were a trip with that man, like takes a lot of courage and bravery to do that. Thank you, I don't, I don't like generally taking off my clothes in front of strangers. Who does? I don't like that. I see a lot of strangers Yeah, you know strangers that weren't on set every other day, but they were, there that day.Thanks for coming today. See somebody like, I've never seen that guy behind the camera before and he's here. Yeah, let's not talk. And I asked them, you know, does anyone else when you give them the underwear like you know, like give me the moral support. I, I you know, now that's kind of hard to believe. Because I said if you would have said that, I would have done it. I ask, asked her, don't you remember? What'd he say? He, like, ignored Yes, and he ignored me. So, you would have stepped out of it? Well, my job was to come in with the jacket, like between these things, so like, iPhone, jacket. He did, he did. He was passive in the wardrobe. Which is, you have to do that. Yeah, he had my back. And what's up next, both of you? Genesis. I am currently filming The Last Dance, an Arnold Schwartzenegger movie. Very exciting. I play an FBI agent and I get to do a lot of fun stuff, and it's a great comeback film, I'm super super, super excited. I start making a movie with James McCavoy next week.

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