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Janel Parrish Pretty Little Liars Interview (Video)

Pretty Little Liars' Janel Parrish Shares Details on the "Intense" Season Ahead For "A" and the Liars

Janel Parrish's Pretty Little Liars character Mona was finally unveiled as "A" on last season's final episode, and we recently sat down with the actress at PopSugar Studios in LA to talk about what's ahead this season now that the secret's out. Mona's big reveal was a long-awaited one for fans, and Janel told us the news was as much of a surprise to the cast as it was for the audience! She also said the show will pick up six months in the future, with Mona still locked up in a sanitarium, and that we can expect to see plenty of new connections made between characters we didn't even realize knew each other. Check out our interview for more season-three scoop — including whether there was anything to those frequent "toffee" references — and catch Pretty Little Liars when it returns to ABC Family on June 5 at 8/7 p.m. Central!

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Things are getting really intense, your gonna start seeing a lot of connections being made between characters that you didn't even know knew each other. we wanted to through people off. So sometimes there would be a guy, a little taller, sometimes a girl who was a little shorter and they were just really smart with the way they shot their angles. Hey everyone, it's Lindsay from PopSugar and I'm here today with Janel Parrish, she plays Mona and we just learned A on Pretty Little Liars. Yes. How's it going? Good. How are you? Really good. I mean I think a lot of fans were pretty shocked by the finale and how everything came out. So, I want to know about the moment where you guys were doing your table read and you got to that line where you found out there were a lot of gaps, and a lot of applause and people freaking out, it was, you know it was the moment everyone was waiting for, for two years so It was really fun to be part of that big reveal. We just had a blast filming the finale. Well, one thing I thought was funny that I heard you say was that over time they actually had different people put on the hoodie to be in the scene so that people couldn't figure it out. Yeah, well I'm pretty short so we wanted to throw people off. So sometimes it would be a guy who was a little taller, sometimes it would be a girl who was a little shorter. They were just really smart with the way they shot their angles. So you can't really tell who's who, size-wise, and all that stuff. I think they were really smart about it. Playing this character she's going through so many phases. So that's gotta been a little bit of challenge to represent like nerdy Mona and now crazy see Mona. It was definitely the most challenging but also the most fun part of doing the finales. I got to play three different characters but each one was so much fun to just sink into into and I don't think we've even scratched the surface yet on all the personalities that Mona has so I think that's going to start coming out in season three. That's one thing that I wondered about, because at the end of episode, she's still in the mental hospital. Yes. And it seems like maybe she's almost got some split personalities. She's definitely got a personality disorder, as Anne Sullivan did say in the finale, but I think there's also a lot more to it, which will start coming out in the next season. But yeah, when we come back it's been six months after the finale ended, and I will still be in the sanatorium, and. Okay. Oh, well, you had a little visitor at the end of the episode too. I did have a visitor and you will find our more about that as well. Well, it's cool because that raised so many more questions because Mona says I did everything you told me to. So, now I'm wondering is she really A or Is there some shallow person behind this. And working for who? Yes. Well what's been the most fun part about shooting the upcoming season because I know you guys have been back to work for about a month now, right? Yes. I shot about three episodes so far and it's gonna start getting really intense. You're gonna start seeing a lot of and actions being made between characters that you didn't even know knew each other. You're going to realize just how small of a town Rosewood is. It's going to start getting creepier, which is the most fun part about it. Well, and the show always has so many flashbacks. So now I'm wondering, we know that Mona is A. Are we gonna get a chance to kind of go back in time and maybe see how she pulled off some of the stunts. I'm really hoping for that, I'm really, really hoping for that. That's be great. I want to put the hoodie on again and even show myself how good things. I don't even know how I did everything. Exactly. And I know that you said, too, that this season was going to be about getting answers to some of the questions. What I loved about the season finale it's like, we get this big reveal. Okay, Mona is A, but there's like the new mysteries with the black swan and who is that. So are those going to be explored in the premiere? Definitely. Yeah, those are definitely subjects that will be touched upon in Season 3. Obviously now that we know that you're "A," you're gonna be kind of stepping up your role on the show. You're a series regular now. Yes, thank you! Yeah, Felicia just got promoted to series regular for season three, and I'm really excited. Yeah. So what are you most looking forward to now about sort of digging a little deeper into Mona and her past. I'm hoping to get answer myself because, like I said, we don't always know, you know, how we did things in the show or where it's going. They kind of keep us in the dark as well. We kind of find out as we read the scripts. So I'm sucked into the story as much as anybody and I wanna you know, where things are going and how things happen. So I'm excited to hear more about that and explore that. Well, I'm curious too. You know, you said that you guys all kind of found out together you were actually A. So how did that change the way you played Mona in that last episode compared to other episodes? I kind of started to milk it more, once I knew that might be my last episode playing the bubbly Mona, I just had so much fun with it. Because I was like, well you know, if it's going to a turn for a different character, then I might as well just have the best time ever playing her. Right. This last episode was really scary. Yeah. I think it was definitely our most our darkest episode, and it's about to get even more intense. I know, well when you guys walked into A's lair, at first, it was like the creepy clown head, I was like, this is a new direction. Yes, the rack of hoodies, I mean I really wish we could have had more time to see everything that was in that room, because it was crazy. The wall of photos, and all the hints they threw in into the room. They put a lot of time and effort into making that room A's lair. that was really cool. Yeah. I wish people could have seen more of what was there. Well I know there was one other mystery that have fans have been kind of talking about, whether it means anything. There was the moment with the toffee cream and then the toffee lipstick at the end of the episode. It there anything behind that? There could be. Okay, so that might be explored. Maybe. OK well also were you a little bit scared that maybe your character was going to be killed off? Because talking about following the book, she dies. Absolutely, yeah Mona dies immediately following her reveal in the fight with Spencer. And as I was reading the script it was starting to go in that direction. And I read that I fell off a cliff, and I was like, oh, that's it. That sucks. I had such a good time on the show, but it's over. Then I flipped the page and they saved me, so I was very grateful that I still get to be on the show. I will be seeing more of you. Yes, definitely, you'll see more Mona. Janel, thank you so much for coming by. Thank you. And everybody be sure to tune in for the premiere of Season 3 of "Pretty Little Liars." It's on June 5 on ABC Family.

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