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Jason Schwartzman Moonrise Kingdom Cannes Interview (Video)

Jason Schwartzman on His Off-Kilter Characters and Dating Missteps

Jason Schwartzman is a frequent face in Wes Anderson's films, having starred in Rushmore and The Darjeeling Limited, and the duo collaborated yet again on Wes's latest movie Moonrise Kingdom. The quirky young-love story enjoyed a Cannes Film Festival debut last month. We caught up with Jason during his stay in France to talk about what draws him to offbeat roles and whether he shares a love for the outdoors like many of the characters in Moonrise Kingdom. He also weighed in on his surreal Cannes experience and a dating experience that was a dealbreaker for him. Moonrise Kingdom is in select theaters now.

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I dated a girl who was very outdoorsy, and I was like, I'm going to let this person down a lot. Missteps tend to make fits uncomfortable. They're way less than not amazing. I was Cub Scout, I was like the equivalent of a white belt in karate. I don't know which like which thing I lasted for the least amount of time in, Cub Scouts or karate. But, I gave up very quickly in Scouts. Literally, after I got my uniform, I was excited, I went to the store, saw the badges that you could get, I was like, this is incredible, I'm going to do this, I'm going to get that one, I'm going to get that one. And then we went camping. And it's in the woods that a man meets his true, true self. And it's like, you know Neverending Story, the Oracle? It's like I had to run through those things that shot lasers at me, and I didn't make it, because I'm afraid of ghosts. Or I was at nine or whatever I was, and you know you go camping in the woods and the darkness is scary, especially when there's a bunch of Boy Scouts telling ghost stories just before. Not so much. I'm more scared of l... for a night, I wouldd be okay. In fact for a night I'd love. But, after a while I'd start to freak out. There's this band the Lemonheads and they have a song called "The Outdoor Type." That's like pretty much sums it up. Like I dated a girl that was very outdoorsy and that was also like another moment when I was like, "I don't know if it's natural to me." We were walking and there was a giant rattlesnake, kind of blocking off the small paths that we had to go around a rattlesnake to continue walking. And she's like, let's go, and she ran right by it. And I was like, I am going to let this person down a lot. There were elements that were similar I feel like they both make people uncomfortable. There's people who really play by the rules and are very tight. And then and there are people who don't exactly fit in in some way or another. And I don't think that these are mis misfits in the same way, but they are misfits nonetheless in some way. And, misfits tend to make fits uncomfortable. My experience opening night was like one of those moments in your life where it's so out of the ordinary, and so grand, there was so much stimulation, like people yelling, there was lots of photographers, these are things are not in my daily life, and also knowing the significance of the night, this is the opening night at the Cannes Film Festival is something that you hear about. And so really I was just trying, it was almost like an exercise in trying to be in the moment or something. Just to try to slow it down and say, don't forget some element of this cause this, you know, is not going to maybe happen ever again. To just try to really look at it and just enjoy it. I think maybe I was projecting but all night long I kept going up to Jarrett and going, you okay? Are you okay? Yeah, fine, yeah, like she was - and then go up an hour later: You okay? Yeah, I'm fine. It's pretty great. He is just very at home. He's very calm and just happy. I was very nervous. But I'll say that on the top of the steps going into the theater they make you walk up in a line, which is very natural. You know I've never been in any military, so I'm not used to walking in formation, so walking up the steps and, the way we were situated I somehow found myself literally next to Bruce Willis. And I must have looked nervous or something, but I went like that and he looked down at me and went "Pretty cool". Like he said something like that and it made me feel so calm. And I also was thinking, this is why Bruce Willis is Bruce Willis because you do get the feeling that everything's going to be okay. He's going to make it to the end of the movie.

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