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Jay-Z Talking About Blue Ivy (Video)

Video: Jay-Z Taking a Break From Music to Be With Blue Ivy

Jay-Z sat down with CNN to talk about taking a break from music to spend time with daughter Blue Ivy. Hear his sweet interview and find out where we might see Jay and Beyoncé take the stage next in today's PopSugar Rush.

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Jay-Z reveals that he's taking a break from music to spend more time with Blue Ivy. Hi there, I'm Lauren Bradshaw, and we're taking a look at what the new father says about his decision in PopSugar Rush. Jay-Z may be one of the world's most famous musicians, but right now, he says his biggest job is being a dad. The hip-hop mogul was recently in Philadelphia to announce the Made in America music festival and he revealed that he's putting his new music on hold for his little girl Blue Ivy. JAY-Z: I'm really just motivated to be with her . . . Jay-Z told CNN that Blue has become his number one priority, but not to worry, he assures fans that once he is ready to go back into the studio, he'll have plenty of new lyrics to share all about the events happening in his life, now that he has a child. Jay will be headlining the two-day Made in America festival in Philadelphia over Labor Day weekend, while Beyonce has a concert of her own happening soon over Memorial Day weekend in Atlantic City. So even though Jay-Z won't be making any new music, he's not exactly going into hiding, so we can still look forward to seeing more of Jay and Bey. I'm Lauren Bradshaw, and I'll see you next time on PopSugar Rush.

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