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Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Engaged (Video)

Video: Jennifer Aniston Is Engaged — Get the Details!

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are ready to tie the knot! Justin popped the question on Friday, and we're bringing you the details on the engagement in this PopSugar Rush — plus, take a look back as Jennifer describes her first impression of Justin when they met.

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Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are ready to tie the knot. Hey there, I'm Lauren Bradshaw and we're bringing the details on their engagement, plus a look back at Jennifer's first impression of Justin when they met. At first you think, "Ooh' he could be like a serial killer". It's in today's PopSugar Rush. Of course I will. Jennifer Aniston has said "yes". The actress got engaged to boyfriend, Justin Theroux after he popped the question on Friday, and joining me now for more on the happy news is PopSugar editor Brittney Stephens. Hey, Britt. Hey, Lauren. So, break this down for us. I mean, how did it all come about? Well, Justin asked Jennifer to marry him on Friday, which was also his 41st birthday. And she said "yes!" She's been filming "We're The Millers" on set in North Carolina and Justin actually paid her a visit late last week and this was right after to all these rumors that they were breaking up, but that's clearly not the case. Yeah, clearly not. Well, I have to say when they first got together I was a little surprised because they seemed like kind of an odd pairing, but they could be this really good couple. Yes, and even Jennifer said that she was really surprised by Justin at first. I mean, they met several years ago and then they worked together on the set of Wonderlust, and we spoke to Jennifer at the time about her first impression of Justin. I met Justin about five years ago, and I thought, "Oh, he fit very well." He's always so sweet, very, very nice. I remember thinking this is very dark. First, you think, "Oh he could be like a serial killer." Right. But the nicest person in the world. The serial killer comment is funny. Well, Jennifer, every time she's asked in interviews about Justin, she talks about how happy she is and how lucky lucky she feels, so were we surprised at all by this engagement? I mean, not really. They both seem really smitten, and they actually took a trip to Paris earlier this summer where people thought that Justin would pop the question then. But, I think that, you know, they're both really committed to each other. They live together in a house in California that they purchased earlier this year, and they even wear matching Jennifer and Justin ring. Right. Well now she'll have another ring to add to that. Exactly. Well any word when the wedding's gonna be? Not yet. Okay, well something to look foward to. Thanks, Britt. Thanks. And hopefully we'll get a peek at Jennifer's ring soon, as well. So keep checking back to PopSugar TV. I'm Lauren Bradshaw and I'll see you next time on PopSugar Rush.

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